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June 08, 2012


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Yea!! I'm glad you're part of the new zine. I'll have to check it out. Plus I knew you'd have some cool art to show us when you came back.

Missed you too!!!!


holy awesome block printing & carving batman! i sooo want to win a free zine. :) i own zines 1-4, & i must say they were worth every penny.


We are still here, tj! Just keeping quiet. I am so happy to hear that you are getting more attention for your work. Hugs from your AL friend!

Carlene Taylor Simmons

Lovely print. It makes me want to go carve something so bad. Perhaps for and index card this week. Highly recommend Tammy's zine's. I'm off to read my copy now!

Rachel (Ravenous Rae)

Your print is amazing - so detailed!!!

Robin Norgren

ah so nice to read what's going on with you! Sending love your way!


I would love to win the Daisy Yellow Zine and your print. Both are inspiring!

Sandra L.

I need this zine because I've quit blogging. At least since March. I'm not even sure I want to blog.

What a cool print, BTW!!!

P.S. You do NOT want to see a pretzel painted on my body. Trust me.

Sandra L.

Oh, please enter me 3x. I commented on your FB page and liked you!

Judy Hudgins

Love the block. My dad had a press like that back in the late 60's in our garage. He repaired printing equipment on the side. Wish I had it today.


Hark! Are you printing at MN Center for Book Arts? I would love to know what kind of press you are working on. I've carved linoleum blocks before but never knew there was a press to put them in?!?!

Keep rocking!! - Chris in St. Paul

PS - I'd love a copy of the zine....


Hello! I'm just starting to check out some art blogs and yours is grand!


Hi Chris, that press is called a Platen Press or sometimes a "clam-shell." They don't have the largest format printing capability. Postcards are about the max. They can hold a lino block, but it's a little tricky to get it tightened up in the chase. MCBA holds classes on the Platen Press, so be sure to check their workshops on their website!!
Happy printing, xx tj


Oh wow, I dropped by here because our local supermarket has started doing pretzels and I thought of you, but I had no idea you took up blogging again! And sorry, I ate it before I even thought of taking a picture of it... ;)

*fingers crossed for the drawing, I love zines*


You look so happy in your action shot! Printmaking looks like loads of fun. It's great to see you blogging again.


Love the print!

Shari Adkisson aka NM Creatrix

I liked your facebook page and am posting here. Would love one of the zines....


Yay for zines!


I love the block printing!! How seriously cool. And I loved seeing how you finished it off. Wow.

Barbara I.

I just "liked" you on Facebook, shared your FB and blog addresses on my FB wall and posted a comment on your wall. Now I am commenting on your blog to hopefully win your giveaway! Thanks for the chance. I do not tweet or pin so can't share you there (sorry!). Would absolutely love to win the zine and one of your prints. So awesome. My name is Barbara and I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks again!!


Wow! Never thought of using a carved block in an old-fangled printing machine. Kewl!

Would love to win a zine and a whatever print you can spare.

Glad to come across your blog - I'll be reading you more. :)


Oh, I love that action shot!
I have to get this zine. I'm going to go find out how to do it.


This is a gorgeous print! Found you through MB class. Looking forward to looking at some of your journal page archives.

jacki long

Great work! I would love to win your art work print or the zine, or both? Please count me in?

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