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March 17, 2012


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Sarah (Flo)

These are brilliant TJ!!

I quite like the slasher movie look, but then I am a horror fan :)

I don't suppose you got my address did you? that would have been cool :)



Yay!! They came out so fun and I LOVED going to the print house with you!!


Sarah I screamed out loud when I saw YOUR NAME on my list of ten. It's going to arrive late though because you're getting a little tiny bit of extra hockey love tucked into yours...xx tj




Thanks for sharing this fun process of some seriously awesome postcards! You put a lot of time and -love into these, and it shows. Thanks for sharing + lots of great photos!



What are the odds??? Chuffed to bits that I am getting a TJ original :) :) I have been SO lucky with this swap so far!


Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to try my hand at this! Well done!


Thanks for sharing your process with us. I love the final cards! Anyone would be thrilled to get one of them in the mail.

michelle ward

TJ - these are very cool! THanks for sharing the process and heloing us understand what print reduction is with your terrific visuals!

Robin Norgren

you are doing great things girl!

Emily Lagore

That is quite the process-Thanks so much for the great post! I love how your cards turned out - beautiful and charming!!


I love the idea of creality. Print reduction is pretty complex to attempt. (I haven't tried it, but I've heard of it and understand the process in theory but in practice it makes my head hurt a little.) But this looks so much fun! And I didn't think slasher blood when I saw the pictures, either. :)


aMAzing. I read an article about this in CPS last year and wanted to try it with cheap eraser stamps, but it's hard to wrap my head around what to cut away. I just need to stop thinking about it and actually DO it to understand. thanks for sharing the process with those gorgeous pictures! -Karen


Hi TJ...you smart thing! What a great technique and here I thought I was a smarty pants for carving a few stamps...lol. I'm glad you have a friend there that you can artify with. Take care (and I hope my name was on your list). I've received two cards thus far.


I love linoleum. They´re great! Thank´s for sharing your process TJ.


Love them... slasher or not, they turned out great! xo


I am so glad to see you still doing your fabulous work! I hope life is treating you well and that spring has come where you are : )


Those look awesome!


This looks like a lot of hard work but you look like you're having so much fun :)


Wow thank you everybody for the fantastic words of support! My cheeks are red... xx tj

cynthia eloise

your cards are awesome, even more so when you see the process. thanks for sharing. glad you got one of my cards, this is such a fun swap and a chance to meet other artisans. i'll be checking back to see what you are doing next.


Oh, I love these! And the process. I hope I'm on your list!

Dreaming Bear

Whaaaa!!! I want one!!! These are great!

cyndee starr

got one, yeah!!! thank you. i couldn't believe after seeing your website and following your process i found one in my mail box and then you got one of mine. awesome. i love this swap. enjoy your time in germany. i'll check back.

Elin Folkesson

I just got one of your postcards in my mailbox, and I am so happy to see that you have written about the process here. It looks great! Thank you!

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