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November 09, 2011


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I would leave it, and not go through the hassel, my husband would not.. Wow seeing your facebook page on tv, you are way more digital than I could every be, I would never be able to figure that out.


Lee, I'm with you! I think we are just going to ignore the broken S.

The thought of wrestling it off the wall, finding the box, wrestling it back into the car, going through the hassle at the store and then unpacking another one, getting it back on the wall...

AND then find out the 3rd one is a piece of crap too...??

Nicole Hyde

I'd send a letter to Sony with a picture and see what they do. Send it to the CEO though...customer service will do nothing. Squeaky wheel and all that.... :-)

Good luck.


Well in all fairness Nicole, I'm wondering if this isn't a Best Buy problem. Like maybe the store dropped an entire pallet of these TVs...

On the other hand, I'm really disappointed in the quality of electronics I've bought since coming back to the US. I've already gone through 3 curling irons! We are being sold crap, and it's insulting...


If the picture's fine, who cares?! Our Sony TV just developed a white line through the entire screen and we can't return it because we already got rid of the box.


Oh no Kelley, that's frustrating... I wonder if it's still under warranty and if you can bring it back even without the packaging?

I know in Germany they were super strict about that-- you must have the sales receipts and you must have the packaging...

What a bummer. But thanks for piping up and joining in the convo!


I vote for just ignoring it. When you have a TV that does what yours does who cares if the "S" shows up in the name! My hubby would be drooling over this (but knowing him, he'd return it because of the "S"!!!!)


I am lazy and would therefore just live with the ONY, but on the off chance that it was dropped and further problems will be coming, maybe best to do something about it now?


Also, this reminds me tangentially of the time (long ago) when I received a SUNY brand walkman as a gift. Yes, SUNY.


I am loving how my arty friends are so much like me, voting to accept the "ONY."


Our poor husbands...

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