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October 14, 2011


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I think you have every right to "whine" a bit. And I'm using your word, not mine. I'd be such a mess if all that was happening to me. I think you've handled things beautifully and I hope you'll be able to get your life back the way you want it soon.


For most of us, when life kicks us in the guts, it makes a proper job of it! Its not what happens, but how you pull through that matters, and you sound more than a little OK if you can laugh at yourself! Moving is one of the most stressful things we can do to ourselves, bar dying or marrying, so moving continents gives you bitching rights! You behaved much better towards that store clerk than I would have done! And if we don't complain about shoddy goods, the standard will never get better.
Congratulations on making it through to the other side with dignity intact!


Oh TJ....challenges, challenges, challenges to still see the little beauty in life...lot's of 'get through' energy from Germany!!! There will be other times, hang in there!!! Hugs, Anke :)


I feel for you, TJ. I'm sure it was not so much fun while it was happening, but we've all gone through moments (or days, or weeks) like this, and it's that shared misery that makes your posts so authentically funny. I Hope all is getting back to some semblance of normal.



How interesting to read your blog. Hubs and i lived in Germany for three years and consider it the best three years of our life. We would go back in a heart beat. We lived in Kaiserslautern. Hubs was in the military. Germany was like a breath of fresh air to us. Things will get better my dear. Just hang in there. Hugs! deb

German Gems

Goodness, this is far from whining! I have read my share of blogs that make this look an easy day at the complaint department. You always seem to find the rainbows. You've made great progress in a short time.


Thanks for all the lovely comments you guys. The kid at the store was actually really great. The funny thing is I may have to go back AGAIN! The replacement TV seems to have a problem. Dang I might have to post more about this...


Okay, I know I'm late and you may not read this, but you go right ahead and share all of this. You aren't being self-indulgent. Or, I should say, we all indulge ourselves a little whine but we often pretend we aren't. This is all very stressful. I am glad you trust us enough to let us know.

Electronics suck. I know this because my computer is un-usuable because of a cable that exhorbitantly expensive and I"m not paying.

Rock On!


Awwwww TJ....Life gets crazy, doesn't it? Why can't everything and everybody just cooperate? You are not being self-indugent just putting your life experiences out there. I hope your little guy gets to liking his school better...as a mother I know that isn't easy either. Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Nicole Hyde

I just found your blog the other day and have thoroughly enjoyed rummaging through the posts. As an expat Canuck now living in Denver, I certainly understand what it means living in a country not your own and have found such inspiration in your posts. You are back home now and I will enjoy checking in to see the new art and new posts (and will try not to feel too homesick for my own country as I read along).

Wishing you all the best ... in art and in your new-again life back home.


Can totally relate to the bursting out in tears in the store! Sometimes the simple things are getting way too complicated when they are piled up with the othe 'simple things' in life.

There is a point where we all just break up. It is just embaressing when that happens somewhere around strange people... :-)

Wishing you well. Miss you though here in Europe! :-)

Your friends in Twickenham

I read this with tears of laughter streaming down my face - interrupting Chris as he attempted to watch a film. It could only be you!!

Hope you're settling in slightly better now.

lots of crazy love, F&C.

Kat Sloma

Hi TJ. I'm trying to get caught up, have been missing you all in blogland. I'm so touched by what you wrote about your friend, asking for her knitting bag. So glad that you found time to create a bit for yourself. Much love to you. Email me anytime.

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