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October 28, 2011


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great response to the crusade! I found your blog through the street team a few months back and have been following ever since (but not commenting - shame on me!). just wanted to say how much enjoy it!

michelle ward

TJ - yay! You're back! I love this post. It is so you. Sharing and motivating and honest. Love that you found a place for my little card and that it matched yours. LOVE reading your view on things. I'm sure many of us are clapping along as we agree with the things you articulated here. Love your sense of humor...detergent is that much more expensive? Happy to see you are beginning to find your art legs. I'm cracking up that it turned out you missed Disappearing Act because of your move - silly coincidence. Glad you reappeared :) Thanks for coming back to play.


I agree what a great response to the crusade. I to happen to love your sense of humor, been missing your regular posts. I also want to thank you for your nice comments on my art. I am blushing

Carolyn Dube

Those 3 words sum it up in so many ways!!! My daughter loves Germany & was thrilled to see the German in your wonderful art!


Lovely response to this crusade!


Love the cards and love the words you've chosen, I believe in lot of the things you wrote too :)


Hi TJ, yep you said it...I am on that same track! And it was a hell of ride so far!!! LOL!!!! Life is a challenge to get the best ouf of yourself and tickle it out of everybody around you, you care for!
SMiles, Anke :)

PS: Hope you can squezze some art time in between the unpacking!


Wow just got back in the house after a weekend away... thank you all for the kind comments!! Hope you've all been busy creating...??

Barbara Marie Steele

TJ, I loved your post, your humorous side notes, and your beliefs! What a treasure your book must be for you.


Ich liebe your post! My pathetic attempt at German... My mother-in-law is from Germany so I love that you used a German saying as your jumping off point. The simplest things can be the greatest inspirations. I believe you've ended up with a beautiful work here. Welcome back to the States! Pine nuts and detergent might be expensive, but I hear clothes are much cheaper here ;)


Oh, this made me laugh! GREAT pages. You are so lucky to have a Ward postcard!

All the best to you in your adjustment period. And I really enjoyed reading about your beliefs. We share them.

Cath S

What a fantastic book, such a good idea. But laundry powder? Seriously?


Thank you for sharing your Beliefs. Inspiring!


Thanks for all the kind words!

Just popped in to say that YES I think there is a problem with the price of laundry detergent in the US and we should lead a revolt.

Or maybe just clean up less... LOL

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