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October 25, 2011


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Cute video! I've never used those markers but now I want to try them. I might try some of your pretzel art but I don't belong to Facebook so I can't post it there.

German Gems

Thank you for the lesson in pretzel anatomy! I will now know what I'm looking at. And, I now have markers on my shopping list.


Janet, you can always post pretzels on your blog! I'll be your pretzel fan club... LOL. Seriously, I swear by these markers. You need to keep your hand moving though. If you stop and keep the tip down, you'll get a bleed spot. So practice on something you don't care about first!!

Gems - I love that you're itching to go marker shopping. You're obviously in the right country to get Staedtler at the source! And if you ever go to Nuremburg, you can go to their headquarters store. It's AWESOME!!

Thanks for the kind comments ladies. Now get twisting...

Nicole Hyde

Pretzelpalooza! LOL


OH my goodness I love this word Nicole -- thank you! I have a whole list of pretzelfied words, yet this one managed to escape me!! AWESOME contribution. Thanks for piping up!!


Fabulous pretzelology. Or pretzology? In any case you are a Chief Prezologist.


Love the ATC and these pretzels, and your little video. Hope everything is fine over there!? Take care!


I can now move forward confidently in life knowing the correct terminology for pretzel anatomy...how have I gotten along so far not knowing?!?! :-)

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