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October 04, 2011


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Ahh your post makes me both happy and sad! But more than anything you have captured long-distance moving frustrations beautifully and with plenty of humour. I LOVE that you are behaving Fränkischly in supermarkets.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Wü misses yü!


Seriously, who needs that many ketchup choices? Hope you're finding more fun than frustration in the whirlwind of reverse culture shock and international relocation. Oddly, you've managed to make me a little bit nostalgic for it. :)


Hi, tj! I left a comment on your last post, but somehow it disappeared. So happy to see you at least begin to get settled in. Have you gotten your art supplies yet? Have you had any US pretzel sightings? I hope you are well!


Helen -- I miss Wurzburg too. Get over here soon so we can be in the same time zone!!

Jul -- no kidding about that ketchup, and strangely, no CURRY ketchup. What the heck is going ON around here???

Anne - I'm so sad to hear that my site has lost one of your comments. I accidentally deleted one from my friend Janet too. It just seems to be kind of crazy all around these days. So happy you're here though!

Big hugs!! xxx tj


HB and I often say there are so many choices but everything is the same! Sorry to hear you're still having so many problems to deal with. I hope you can get settled soon. I'd be a basket case!


Sorry to read that your 500th post is not a true and happy TJ post.
Seems that the whole process of transition is much more complicated than one could have imagined. Hope you settle a bit more and let your American part come out again and adjust to that all-American lifestyle.

Keep hanging in there, girl. And if your art supplies don't arrive quickly, get some markers, some kid paint, glue or tape and some paper. You don't need much to go creating again and settling that mind of yours.

And yes, why do we need so many ketchup anyway...??? :-)


Oh I hope things get easier for you soon; though your German-ness in the supermarket did make me smile!


What a great post, TJ; it just really captures where you are right now. It made me laugh that your "foreignness" was interpreted as maybe being from New York...lol! I'm sending you continued good wishes as you settle into your new space.

German Gems

If it helps, you made me laugh. I love how you always seem to find something fun about the worst situations. Happy 500.


TJ, Sending you....

Love, Love, Love ~
Art-Making Supplies ~
Time to get used to the Transition ~
Home-cooked meals ~

If all else fails,
Look into Lars' eyes and be well.



Wowzers, sounds craaazy! I'm totally familiar with the flip-side of being in Europe and trying to get used to light switches in odd places and opening doors the wrong way, but getting used to all then and then ten years un-learning it all must be so disorienting! Also, LOVE the fact that this disorientation is being mistaken for being a new yorker! I have a feeling you'd get the same reaction if you had decided to move down south. :) Best of luck, m'dear, and here's to hoping your box of art supplies comes quickly!

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