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September 21, 2011


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Jenny Lee Wentworth

How cool is that! Happy for your creative connections that day! Send me your new address so I can send you some love in the mail!
Your friend,
Jenny :)


Wow! What a great welcome back to the US, to make all of these new friends and meet all of these illustrious artists. I will have to check out your Facebook page, too! Welcome home! (How interesting that all-English poses a challenge!!)


Thanks ladies - yes I was in heaven meeting these artists I've admired for so long!

Jenny, we're actually still in a hotel until our apartment opens up on the 1st of Oktober-- but I will be sending my friends my updated address soon! I'd love some mail art...
xxx tj


What a great and exciting start to your life back in US. You seem so much in your element, I can foresee many happy, creative days ahead for you :)


It was so great to meet you! Next time, I promise not to be so mysterious!!

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Hallo Tari. Schön, dich so glücklich zu sehen! Miss you! Silke


Hi TJ...Oh, lucky you getting to meet Traci...I think I've taken almost all of her online classes. I guess you are getting settled back into life here in the US again.

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Hey girlie, I'll have some mail waiting for you! Hope your eye heals up quick, thinking of you.:)

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