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September 10, 2011


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ah yes, it is challenging, albeit exhilarating too. I spent the summer living out of bags at my brothers whilst my kitchen was fixed and yes, it does get to you eventually. Hope you manage to keep the smiles up :)



What a sweet post. Hugs


I think there is such grace in the fact that you can see this man's kindness, as well as his example. Your son learns such a wonderful lesson by the way you allowed the man to reach out to him, instead of shuttling your boy away to "safety" in the face of someone different.

Robin Norgren

oh my friend, REMEMBERING THIS PART of the transition so well. Sending lots of love your way.


Thanks ladies for the lovely comments! I'm no saint though because I was scared at the time.

Then his kindness made me feel so ashamed of my fear. But it all just reminds me that most of us really are just doing the best we can do.

Love you guys!! xx tj

Kat Sloma

It is so hard to be in transition like you are. It's hard enough on adults and then with a kid with you, you are trying to be stable for him when you might just want to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry for a while. Big hugs to you guys. You will get through this, and will be happily sitting on your computer in a couple of months wondering what happened to it all...


A transition is an adventure, and then adventures are really tough and draining sometimes. I send you good thoughts!


TJ, what a great post!!!!! Thank you for sharing this. Have a great sunday! Too bad we haven't met in person before you left! Maybe someday!
Smiles, Anke ;)


Ever heard of mindfulness? I am still trying to understand its concept. But it is about accepting right where you are and making no judgements about your situation.

You are in Florence! Go out when you hurt yourself on one toy again and keep on taking pictures, girl! Breathe in the Italian air, the culture, the architecture and all. Soon you will have your art stuff back and get working again... :-)


I loved reading this post. There are still so many good people in the world and too often we tend to forget that.

Enjoy your days of leisure while you can.


Hi TJ...welcome back home!!! I hope you are back in the the US and it doesn't take too long for you and your family to get settled in and have a place to lay your head and call home.


TJ what a great post!

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