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September 30, 2011


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German Gems

I've posted something to make you feel better. Stop by... And, yes, you'll get through this.


We'll be here waiting for you when you are up to coming back! Waves from across the river (St. Paul).

- Chris


Hugs. Transitions are difficult. No art supplies is a miserable situation but you can't do much about it. Hang in there and try to enjoy the process.


Thanks everybody! And Gems, I LOVED your pretzel post, it was right on top of over 500 unread ones in my Google reader -- I could NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!

And speaking of eyes, my red one has shrunk more to the size of a large freckle so it's less scary and demented looking...

XXX tj


Poor TJ! I have to say I laughed at your line about it being time to ease off a bit when parts of your body start to explode...I think that's a pretty good indicator! You will be exercising your creativity in SO MANY ways as you work to settle into a new home and re-acclimate to American culture; you should definitely give yourself a break from "art-supply-based creativity", if that seems right to you now!

Robin Norgren

girl. I know. HANG IN THERE. XOXO

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