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September 03, 2011


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These are beautiful self portraits. Welcome home!


Wonderful! Great to have you state side again.


Wow, that sure went fast you left Germany! I hope you had a great flight with no stress and get settled soon back home!

Smiles from across the ocean, Anke ;)

Kat Sloma

Very cute! Welcome back to being a US resident. One of the things I found living in Italy (for a mere two years, compared to your nine - wow!) was a greater sense of my own country and culture. I never thought much about my national identity until living abroad.


Thanks gang for all the nice words! I'm here in the hotel, looking around and wondering if this is even real.

Check it out, I've already been to Walmart and got down with a bunch of buttermilk biscuits from the breakfast buffet! Home Sweet Home!!


Welcome home! I like your American piece. It's beautiful.

Enjoy those biscuits!


Welcome home!!

Lay Hoon

Such a gorgeous piece.
Enjoy your days :)


I'm so late! But welcome home!!

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