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August 17, 2011


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'it's extra fun with a 4-year old who wants to "camp" in his Winnie-the-Pooh tent'

And why not? Life's a big adventure when you're four! :-)


...And I forgot to wish all of you the very best for your coming travels.

Thankfully in the virtual world you're still as close as you always were.


Good luck with the move TJ. I hope you were able to cram in the container that beautiful cupboard that you brought back to life.


Thanks G! And yes Pat, the kitchen cupboard was tucked into that jam-packed truck!! Never fear...


Wow! I've only just started catching up on all the blog posts I missed while I was on holiday and just found out you're moving back to the U.S. Wow!

I hope your move goes really smoothly, and I am sure your son will love the whole experience. My two certainly liked unpacking boxes and re-finding favourite toys, and exploring their new home.

So I am wishing you the very best, and will continue to think of you every time I see a pretzel! I hope you continue to use them in your work. Good luck and bon voyage! And I look forward to reading your new adventures!


This does change the pretzel hunt, doesn't it? It was fun!

I love the 'tip and Peppridge Farm Cookies'. Awesome gesture on your part.

See you stateside sweets!


...until later :) all the best!


That's some efficient packing in that truck! Have fun using up all those paints, and best of luck for a easy move back to the US. Really take time to soak up all that love from your friends there; that's probably more important than anything else right now!


Dearest sweet TJ, wishing you best of luck with the move back to the US. Sounds really exciting! I hope you have enough time to spend with all your friends over there in Germany before you head off to US. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Übrigens: vielen dank für euer "shitty guest bed"! Das bekommen wir nämlich. Allerdings hat Tari uns das Bett noch vor ein paar Tagen anders beschrieben ;)) Naja, dann bleiben die Gäste wenigstens nicht zu lange! "nix für ungut"
Alles Liebe, deine ex-Nachbarin :((

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