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July 18, 2011


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wow what a nice thing to do for someone, and congratulations as well. I love the pinky story, and the accordian book you made, great colours


You are making a wonderful difference in their lives. Congrats on your submission being published.


That's brilliant. I think it's great to give something back, and so rewarding when you see people really getting something from it. Love the little dog too.


I love hearing about your adventures with these kids. What a great experience (for them AND for you)!


Hey guys, thanks for the lovely comments! Pinky was so surprised yesterday when I came in with my finished book.

I could tell how flattered she was that I used her doggie on my cover! It was terrific to see her face.

Sometimes I worry I'll somehow screw up with her but your comments help me remember I'm just doing my best to reach out to this kid!

Thanks for that... xx tj


Hi TJ, Thank you so so so verry much for your verry nice comments on my blog! That makes me smile to!
Did you noticed that you can download the hipppie van? You may use it for your own art work, if you like! Your blog looks also verry artsy and lot's of great stuff to read!!! What I am certainly are going to do...!
Thanks again!!!
Bye from your neighbour from the Netherlands,


Hi TJ...tis wonderful that you are working with those kids...art may change some lives...good for you for steering them in that direction. The accordian book is great!


What great things you are doing with and for Pinky and the other kids. Art and personal interaction can be so powerful. Thanks too for your generous words about my blog and podcast.

Moira Neal

giving you time and energy to those children is more precious than anything else you can give. Well done!

Sandra L.

That's great! I am a little afraid of children, despite having been one and having two nephews and a niece who are great kids!

Recently I started volunteering at a local library. The kids who come in are really polite and nice (so far!). Maybe I will end up being not-so-scared.

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