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July 29, 2011


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You can sign your emails "TJ in Minesota, with a piece of her heart in Germany/Europe" this autumn? I feel like I'll miss you but we haven't even met yet! Lars will be fine, he's got awesome parents.


Hanna, I hope you know how much you site inspired me and changed my life way back when I didn't know how to speak German or have any friends here.

You were the first person to link back and forth with me, include me in your swaps and projects and help me learn how blogs are supposed to connect.
I am forever grateful to you and your creative generosity!
I miss you already my Swedish friend!!

Melissa Parks

I think the beauty of the Internet is that it keeps that connection, no matter where we are! Good luck with your move and welcome back to the USA. :)


oh boo - I liked the fact you were almost a neighbour - I definitely counted you as an honorary European :)

but I am sure you will love being back home once the upheaval of the move is over, and of course the internet is a little community anyway so you'll not be any further away

The burning question of course - did you find ein blaues yoyo?


I had visions of visiting you in Germany one day! :0(. Perhaps we can make it to Minnesota one day- closer!


While your adventures in Germany will be missed, I can't wait to see where this move takes you in your creative life. Your new sign-off is perfect.

I am so excited about your exhibition. Will you get to see it before you go?

The other day I made pretzels and thought of you and your pretzel obsession. These were very Americanized pretzels, though since I stuffed them with artichokes and roasted peppers!


Oh wow. BIG NEWS!!! Home is coming!!!! You must be soooo excited!!!!! I wish you a great transition with NO stress!!!!! I will follow your blog!
Smiles, Anke ;)


I am tearing up again now...but only because 99 Luftballons came on the radio. It's such an exciting move for Familie TJ! I can't wait to find out where and when we'll see each other again. Safe and happy travels and ja, keep a great hunking wedge of Germany with you at all times. In the pocket of that apron, perhaps? xoxo


Oh gals - the internet, true that it doesn't matter where we are geographically, we can still be together!

And YES sarah - Blaue Jo-Jo Erledigt!!
(Whenever I see the German spelling for Yo-Yo I think of a mean guy named Joe-Joe who will break your knees with a baseball bat if you don't pay him whatever he says!)


Does this mean there will be no more pretzel spotting? This really is huge news and I can only imagine how excited you must be, wishing you a smooth and easy move back home :)

Mary Frankovich

TJ we are so excited for you. Keep us posted as to when so we can all get together. Love you.


oh my friend, I am tearing up with you. This month marks one year back from Germany and the rumblings to go back have been coming in waves. The irony of course is as you exit your work receives affirmation. So happy to know you and so glad we shared this experience in a small way. xoRobin


Wow! That's such exciting news. I'm sure it's all mixed with sadness and a lot of hectic activity and also some anticipations of what's to come. I think your new sign-off is perfect. And a big congrats on the exhibit!!


Oh, man! I'm sad we never got the chance to meet. I wish you luck with your move and transition back to U.S. life!


Hi TJ! Good luck with the big move! I just tried to send you an email with your Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap partner details but it bounced back saying your mailbox was full. Please can you drop me an email when you have emptied it, or let me have another email address for you?

Sherrie Roberts

Have a very safe trip back to Minnesota and hope your show at the Gallery is a wild success. You will have to get him Minnesota Twins Yo-Yo.


Dearest sweet sweeet TJ, so many awesome news!! Good luck with the BIG move...i am sure you are really excited! Oh my congratz on an exhibition of my artwork in a Nuremberg gallery!! I just know it's gonna be wonderful! I am loving these photos of you for they made me smile! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

German Gems

No fair. Ochsenfurt just got added to the "to see" list and now my tour guide is leaving! And, now that you're famous I may never get to see your art in person. Good luck. I look forward to reading about your adventures.


Aw, just when we were getting to know each other.... best of luck with the move, and a big congratulations on the gallery show! I look forward to hearing more about it.

I was in a similar situation when we moved from Zurich to Munich - I had a show that opened a couple weeks before we left (and closed a couple weeks after it). Luckily we have friends who drive back and forth between Munich and Zurich a couple times a year, so it took a while but in a couple trips they were able to bring me all the unsold work. Not as easy when you'll be an ocean away.


Adventure is a good thing :)(& so is exhibitions) Have a safe trip back. But you´ll still be here wont you?
(In swedish Yo-yo is JoJo)

Carola Bartz

I just found your blog via Flying Lessons... I wish I had visited here earlier. I'm from Germany, living in Northern California. We did our big move to the US 10 years ago, when our daughter had just turned three. It's actually not that bad to move with a small child. I hope you have an easy and good move back to the US - and I will be back here on your blog.


Wow, TJ, this is big news! Best wishes for a smooth transition and an uneventful move. How exciting! (And congrats on the exhibit of your work; that's terribly exciting, too!)


Oh, Tari, this is exciting!! Aren't you flying by way of Los Angeles?! You crack me up. I hope you are happy and excited.

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