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July 08, 2011


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'But because I'm "the other kind" of parent, I spontaneously threw up in my mouth a little bit.' LOL! Love it! I will be curious to see which parenting camp I will fall into when my girls are in school. I WANT to be the PTA type, but I've heard enough about the politics to give me pause! Nice work on your project!


I'm the same way- I don't like to plan or give directions. Tell me what you want done or give ne a list and I will comply. Are you done ? Can't wait to see the finished product! And yes, I would have eaten all of that cake too- you need your energy don't you? :0)


Oh, I am with you, young lady! Hear, hear! Be the kind of parent you are! Embrace your not-over-committing-and-then-winding-up-exhausted-and-resentful !

That group, by the way, is the NOCATWUEAR group.


There is always a place for "the other kind of parent". We are the backbone and sanity of the group. While the organizers are running around in a panic, we are the calm in the eye of the storm. Tell us what you need and we are there for you. There always has to be the "other kind of parent". You are in the right place at the right time and Lars is the better for it. Thank goodness, also, for the cake makers.


Nice job!And I bet the Donauwelle was yummy... :)


Kindergarten is such a fun age...just enjoy doing and being there for your son and don't worry about crazy group politics...yum, the cake must have been good :)


I was remembering when my daughter was in school, I was not a PTA mother, I went once and was totaly out of my element I never went back, but when they needed someone I took my turn, I love the pics of you stencilling,


I had to laugh at 'But because I'm "the other kind" of parent, I spontaneously threw up in my mouth a little bit.'....that sounds just like me when my kids were in school! I was never one of the PTA moms but I tried to help out in other ways. I think I inherited it because my mom was the same way.


I know what you mean....I have Kindergarten kids as well.....:)
Okay, now I want to see a photo of the whole word!!!! LOL! Looks like you had 'serious' fun. The world need color!!!!!

Smiles, Anke ;)

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