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July 04, 2011


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So glad you made it safe and sound, tj! Glad you had at least one good seat mate for one of the long legs of your flights. It sure can make a difference in how you feel at the end of it.

German Gems

Welcome back!

Kat Sloma

Love your stories TJ! I didn't meet any new people on our flights, because I was sitting next to my family, although the cat was a conversation starter here and there. Who has a cat on an international flight? Well, we did. Yeah, your worst seats sound pretty bad. We've had that row before!

But I digress... I wanted to tell you how fun it was to look through the stack of postcards for the swap and see "Studio Mailbox" smiling right up at me. These are from TJ!! I said in my head. So cool.


I love stories about people who we meet on airplanes,


Al definitely wins!


Great stories! I like the sound of Al, I also love 'people watching' people like Princess Self-Absorbo! Great name!


Yes Al was the definitive winner this trip! In face when the grumpy man at the end rolled his eyes I had the thought, "why can't you be Al..!!!" LOL!


Welcome home! I found your stories about your seatmates really entertaining. I used to be really good about meeting people on planes, but I've gotten really unfriendly in the past couple of years and just bury my nose in a book. I might have to reconsider that approach after your story of meeting Al! What a shame it would have been to miss out on that acquaintance.


Now I'm all Red in the face. :) I too had a wonderful time with TJ as my Planemate. :) The first thing I talked about when I got off the plane, was TJ. And I'm surprised about all the comments, thank you all for making my day. Perhaps one day we all can get on a plane together - I'm sure we would have the time of our lives. Take care and don't forget to ask for sugar...you know the rest of the story.


AL is in the HOUSE! Wow thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! What a great idea to charter a plane together. Al, if you think I'm a freaky seat-mate, you should meet my readers!! Wow wouldn't it be a terrific trip??


I just found your blog and am so happy I did so :) I love all things artsy and German. I just got home to California after living in Osnabrueck for one year. I miss Germany everyday, but will live vicariously through you :)

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