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July 27, 2011


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Hi TJ! I discovered you through Quinn's posting of your video earlier and I've just posted it on my blog. Literally a minute or two after I hit the publish button, UPS arrived at the door with my unsigned copy of the book from Amazon Canada.

I'd still love to win (who doesn't want to be a winner?) if I do, I will keep the ATCs and crazed kitties and run a giveaway for the unsigned copy through my blog, textisle.wordpress.com

Meaning for me is connections and patterns. And my family of course. Trying to think of a good example of connections, I'm reminded that it was Quinn who urged me to move my blog onto Wordpress, which definitely led to an improvement, more traffic, and the second blog about homeschooling.

sharon saurini

Fantastic video. Cats are always meaningful to me so I'm really hoping to win. I loved the way the art came about and had meaning because of the journaling.

Bonnie barnard

I agree with you. Quinn and her work are fab!! I'm grateful I've been introduced to your work, as well. How's this for an affirmation...I am a winner,

Biacna Mandity

So excited to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win.


I would love love love to win, especially one of the goodie packs! Thanks for hosting, and I'm now following your blog!


Barbara Roberts

I would like to enter the giveaway. What is meaningful in my life is family and friends. Sometimes friends are more family than family is. No friends and family is loneliness and that is not good for the soul.

Lisa H

Hi and thank you! This is a very generous giveaway and so sweet of you to think of all of us "anonymous" artists out here. Thanks again!

Doreen Cosenza

Meaningful? Hmmmmmm....that's such a tough, all encompassing question. Health, family (I recently lost my Mom and realize just how meaningful she was to me. Perhaps I should journal about *that*...) I can think of a LOT of things that are meaningful to me....but....translating them into art, and specifically *journaling* is where the problem starts. Would love to win a copy of Quinn's book! Thanks for the chance.
Doreen aka LuniLadi


Watching you create was so much fun! Having an attitude of adventure is what helps me find meaning in all the little moments that make up my life.


I know I posted here earlier today- ;oP. Meaningful...family, friends and the time we make to do our hearts desire. I love seeing you in action- no German accent??? ha!

Jane T

The most meaningful thing to me is my family. I am fortunate to have two parents in their late 80s and early 90s and I have two children, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great granddaughters.

Linda Born

WOW, I hope I win the book, it looks amazing! It is meaningful to me to be able to connect with such generous and artistic folks online, since I haven't found like-minded folks in my area. Thanks for the chance to win.
Linda B.


OMG! How cool is that? You got all that from Quinn's book? Fantastic! I have a book on the way to me (soon I hope!), but please could I go in the draw for a goody-bag? That would be so cool. And, if I win (or maybe even if I don't...), I have a good German Mama story about stewing apples for you! I can so relate to Quinn's sauerkraut - All my family on Muttis side were German!

Lillian Mederak

love the chance to win. thanks
living an artful life
a life full of art is meaningful to me


I just found Quinn's website and book by tracking back from Create Write Now on Mari McCarthy's website and I LOVE what I've seen of her book (from the preview pages on Amazon) and just ordered it--which led me to your site and video. I 'm so excited and inspired--this is exactly what I've needed to get me back on track. I've been going through a period of feeling like why bother--it's too late, I'm just not good enough--and the video and Quinn's blog make me realize creating what I need to create is good and I need to let go of worries about where things will lead.

becky sakovitch

What a wonderful video, I'm new to art journaling so yes I can surley use this book. Please pick me and let me show off my raw art :)


i love your video, TJ!
meaning to me right now: nature, art, and love and connections in many different forms. <3


Just being alive, working at a job that I love (most days), and having my dog's diabetes under control is meaninful to me.

Tee Thompson

Great video! Meaningful is something that matters enough to remember. Anything can be meaningful, even just the smile of a stranger.



I'm excited by your very generous giveaway, TJ. I found you through Quinn and will be following with interest.

My copy of Quinn's book arrived via Amazon Canada right after I posted on my blog yesterday at http://textisle.wordpress.com. If I were to win, I would keep Quinn's signed copy and do a giveaway of my own copy through my blog.

Meaningful to me is family, first of all, as I think it is for most people when you get down to brass tacks. Secondly, making connections, sometimes quite obscure but to me they mean something.

W. Dean

Love the giveaway- how generous of you!
Now what is meaningful to me.....the simplest answer is my family, also my appreciation for the gift of health, this is precious and one is reminded when I see someone close to me struggle with serious illness.

jill redding

This book is so wonderful. I would LOVE to win a copy. Thanks for the chance and thanks for the video.

jill redding

Oh and what is meaningful to me in the creative process is to enjoy the process and let go of the product!

Carola Bartz

I love your video, it made me really curious for that book and your ATCs. What is meaningful for me? - To live my life truly and authentic, not pretending to be someone else, just being me, with all my good sides and not so good sides. Believing in and folowing my dreams. Teaching exactly that to my daughter.


Oh, I wish I hadn't been too late for this, but it is such a sweet thing you did!

Did you get my cards and bookmark? I sent them awhile ago, and I don't know how long it takes to get there.

I started watching this video, but at work I can't hear it well, so I'm going to check it out at home.

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