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July 22, 2011


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I LOVE THIS POST. My all time favourite! What's wrong with you? There's room there for at least 2 Smart cars!! ;)

I am constantly amazed by the parking here in Berlin. I often enjoy the spectacle of when there's not enough space to parallel park a car so they park it diagonally on both the road and the pavement. (I must post a photo for you later).

I think it's totally unfair that I got fined for my parking and told I wasn't allowed to drive the car until I magicked my license from the drawer in my bedroom into the police officer's hand. Admittedly I was parked in the turning lane at a junction...(though I bet if my German accent was better I would have gotten a certificate of achievement instead!)


The parking may be worse, but can I say that there is one thing I love about Germany and driving? It's that trucks stay in the right lane and cars do not use the left lane except to pass. I HATE how cars here in the US sit in the left lane blocking traffic while they drive below the speed limit. It makes me gnash my teeth.

The Dreaming Bear

What a funny post! Thanks for a Friday morning smile! Also, I agree with Anne! So aggravating when you're trying to get around people and the stupid left lane is blocked. Argh!


Yes, actually, Anne has a very good point. I also love that the roads are not chock a block with trucks and that there are not constant traffic jams when lorries are overtaking lorries all the time during rush hour.

German Gems

I've seen all these things -- in Germany, in Italy, in the USA. I think everyone loses their manners when it comes to parking. Maybe it's something we all have in common?


Lol! Yes totally agree...parking especially for some expensive brands is very interesting! And yes there are rude poeple out there, but not just foreigners think it's rude, even germans think it's kind of rude how some people park! You are not alone out there, who is annoyed by it!
Smiles, Anke ;)


Oh my gosh TJ!!! I am laughing so hard!!! Oh yes I remember this about the parking in Germany!!!! xoRobin


Thanks for all the funny comments gals!

Gems, you are right about the whole world parking badly. Maybe I've turned into my Grandma who would say stuff like "I walked uphill to school both ways barefoot!"

Anke, you're right about Germans hating this kind of parking too. My hubby and most of my friends also complain about his. Funny you mention the brand names. Marcus has often told me much of the aggression and hostility I get from other drivers is BECAUSE I drive a Mercedes! I don't understand this because it's old enough to have a cassette player, but apparently the emblem on the hood is enough to make people's blood broil!!!


Parking and driving is getting worse over the years.
We have discovered that the expensive cars seem to have permission to not use the turn signal light and are allowed to drive 10 to 20 km above the speed limit. My son claims it is especially written in their car manuals :-)

TJ, trade in your Mercede for a Opel Corsa and you will get rid of all the hostility! LOL

It is funny though, I found out that despite my normal laid back attitude changes when I am behind the wheel. I just hate it when I am keeping the traffic rules and other people don't. This changes me from nice Me into irrated Me...

Frau Dietz

OMG TJ this is brilliant... we don't have a car so I don't have to put up with this kind of business at the moment but I totally understand how frustrating this is. That parking-across-two-mother-and-child-spaces picture made my eyes water. Seriously, what are these people thinking?!! Brilliant.


This is soooo true around the world. Here in Australia its those monsters of the road and shopping centres: the urban 4-wheel SUV in the hands of a suburban wife with 2.4 kids! And as for disability parks - "I'll only be a minute" "I'm in a hurry" seems to justify anything and everything, even if they have cut in in front of someone entitled to park there. I used to park straight behind the offender, place my sticker in view, and go shopping in my own time; petty revenge asking if they were intellectually disabled as well as visually impaired and saying I had only popped in for a minute, just like they had. I have even had to get out of a car and sit down in the middle of a disabilty parking space to stop a healthy driver from cutting in front of my driver!
It should not have to be like this, but if you don't laugh, you cry.


Wow Caroline, thanks for the stopping by and taking the time to leave your brave comment. I love that you're the Australian Robinhood, taking back your parking spots! GO GIRL. xxx tj


We have the same problems and frustrations here but I've noticed that this problem has got a lot worse over the last few years because the car parks have actually made parking spaces a lot smaller to help them squeeze in even more cars and make even more profit. One good thing about this problem is that we get to read a really funny post by you, so I'm no longer angry about this issue :D


I love it! Obnoxious parking is one of the many things on my "things that annoy me about German drivers" - up there with driving riiight up my arse even when I'm travelling at the speed limit and dangerous overtaking. Your take on this and the support you have rallied here have made me feel better :)

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