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July 15, 2011


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You had me at the title and I howled through the whole post! OMG you are on a roll today!
Thanks for brightening my morning!


I think that German paint makers should pay you to name their colours, the sales would go through the roof with these names! :)

michelle ward

TJ - what a brilliant interpretation of the crusade. RE-naming colors is very clever, and I am cracking up at your narrative as you present the before-and-after names. I also love your confession but I'm thinking it cannot be as bad as you claim. But here's to rehab ;)

p.s. thumbs up for Hot Temper!


Love the names, and favourite of all of mojiotes (I spelled it wrong) but its a great drink

Cath S

No pink spray paint in Germany - I wonder what that tells us? Love your renames, hope you find a nail polish company knocking at your door :-)


Haha, thanks for making me LOL, you crazy girl. Not sure you can be an artist and have no sense for colours, maybe it's just about clothes? The paintings are awesome, and the colour names rock. I thought this was very difficult too, will have to look into my journal again and see if I can't think of names for my paint squares there... :-/ It's hard man!


Hilarious. I MUCH prefer your paint names to the originals. And OMG that background with the black/white/yellow/gray is so gorgeous it makes me drool.
I think I have a similar approach to backgrounds - no fear, just smear!


Love your paint names.

Like you I never plan my color palette in advance, but I do have my favorite tubes I seem to keep going back to.


You certainly know how to play with them! Colors. Love your post! And those names are terrific! Bravo!


hi there, love your blog post; it made me laugh and nod my head several times... the germans are not famous for their humor you know - maybe that is why they cant name the colours in a "funnier" way... Don't you worry - I love the germans and Germany itself, but sometimes I feel that either they or me is born on another planet. We lived in Austria some years and loved it. Now living in Luxemburg is a big change, not only languagewise. Totaly different mentality! Anyway - love your named colours and I hope to see you around soon!


Wonderful story :D:D:D It was so much fun to read about colors in your life :) Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Brown

Love the colour swatches! And I know how you feel about colour - I usually stick to very safe colour combinations (often ones developed in kindergarten - you know; dark green and light green. Dark blue and light blue. Purple and pink - you get the picture!)


That is so great! Love interpretation, I had such a hard time with this one.

Lay Hoon

Such creative names you hav think about.
Love your post.


Love your colors and color disasters--really, you make me laugh, but I know you are a color genius. And fearless! And that's the best combination of all.


Oh, you make me laff! Like the detail here and all the information! It's amazing what we haven't thought about until Michelle has stirred the topic pot! I look forward to your next crusade share.

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