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June 21, 2011


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Ah, it's just how it is, isn't it? A few years ago I was on holiday in Italy and met an English couple who told me that Scotland wasn't a country in its own right, it was in fact just a part of England. Despite my being Scottish, & having been born and brought up in Scotland, eventually I realised there really was no point in debating this. Jog on, as they say, Jog on!


All I can say is, how very frustrating!


> SIGH..... >
My tongue has scars in it from having experienced many of these conversations over the years.
You have my sympathy, sweet friend.


OK, but now I want to KNOW: did you ever see the dolphins... :-)


Oh, Tari, I am so with you, here. People would live so much more peaceful lives if they would take a breath and be humble. People aren't accepting into their reality the fact that we don't know much and things change. Instead, we are so invested in how we lived when we were younguns that we still act like we're 8.

You rock! You have the newquay to my heart!

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