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June 18, 2011


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Oh, tj . . . I am usually laughing by the end of one of your blog posts, but this one made me tear up a little. Such a sweet tribute to your Dad. He is going to be really touched that you wrote this and I'm glad that you are going to get to see him close to Father's Day.


Happy Father's Day to your wonderful Dad!
This post was amazing. I also live in Minnesota, and we have a wood burning furnace. My husband does the wood chopping, piling and throwing, but you wrote so well, I pictured myself helping out!
I love your Dad's story. Thanks so much for sharing and posting a link on the Flying Lessons FB page!
Smiles to you and your family,
Briana G. (from Minnesota)


What a lovely Dad post. Great tales you've shared with us. Hope you have a great trip back!


This is one of the nicest dad stories I've read in a while and probably one of the nicest dads I read about, you are one lucky girl to have a dad like this :)


Thanks for the nice comments ladies - and welcome Briana! Minnesotans who burn wood are always welcome here...!! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Dearest Giesela, you have a really beautiful family and i am loving this post so much! It made me teary too! I love reading your papa's stories and that last photo is just so gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy father's day weekend! Love to you!


Fabulous tribute to your father. Enjoy your trip home. Hugs!


What a beautiful post & tribute to your dad. You are so lucky to have him in your life. Have a special visit together! Enjoy & safe journey! Theresa


You must have the best dad in the world! I really enjoyed reading this because my dad and I didn't have a good relationship. It's nice to read about one so special. You're very lucky to have him.


I enjoyed reading about your Dad too. He sounds like a great guy! Cherish your memories and hold onto them. My Dad passed away 2 yrs ago and I smile and remember him whenever I hear stories like yours. Have a wonderful time back home and give your Dad an extra hug from me. <3


Oh what a lovely read. Thanks for sharing your dad with us... he must be so happy you're coming to visit. Have a lot of fun (and tell us all about it when you're back "home").

Happy trails & much love!


What a beautiful tribute to your Dad! I really enjoyed reading your memories of your dad, as well as the role he plays in your life now. So very sweet. Enjoy your visit!

Charla P

I love your Dad. What wonderful memories he gave you, and he probably wasn't even thinking of that, he was just being a loving caring nurturing DAD. Sounds like he truly knew how to live in the moment and love unconditionally...I want to hear more stories of your childhood. I think you should write a book. I only say that because there are so many interesting things rolled up into this one blog. I want to hear more about being raised in MInnesota, your Hero Dad, the wood shack....or better yet, a childrens story with your illustrations.....Your Dad sounds like a true MAIN character in a wonderful childhood story. being from Texas, I am always interested in stories of how someone else grew up in a different part of the country and especially different climate. Tell your Dad Happy Fathers Day, I just love him.


Wow friends - so glad I shared my dad with you! Thanks for all the great comments. Dad is a cross between Paul Bunyan, a John Wayne character and Pa Ingalls. He should be in a book Charla!!

Hope you're all celebrating father's day weekend in your own special ways!! Love, tj

Liv @ Choosing Beauty

Such a sweet tribute. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and he must miss you so much. Love that you said "hunkered" - I say that in conversations and my non-Minnesota friends think it's hilarious! Wish you were going to be closer to the Twin Cities so we could finally meet! Another time, yes? :)


Oh TJ.....that must be very hard!!!!!! What an awesome dad. He must miss you a lot too! I wish you lot's of fun and great times with your dad in the coming days!!!!! Be safe and ENJOY ALL THE WAY POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Smiles, Anke ;)
PS: And thank you for sharing!!!

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Oh wow, we all wish for a dad like that. Wishing you a wonderful visit my friend!
I'll get to work on some atc's soon, how bout we trade 2! :)
Much Love,

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