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June 03, 2011


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I was watching the news reports on this last night and I was a bit surprised at how everything seems to be just a bunch of speculations not backed up by any specific evidence of anything, this is just the kind of thing that TVs, newspapers etc love doing to get people into an absolute panic without helping them with proper information to at least understand what might be happening. I hope more proper research into what is really causing this takes place, I feel really bad for people who are just given these scary news without any facts to back them up :(


How does one get to be Minister of Cucumbers and where can I apply?


Thanks gals, what's frustrating Veronika is that the media is reporting this as a "virus" which I'm not sure is even accurate.

Rebecca - I laughed at my own brain when I was listening to the news, because clearly it's a mistake. Yet that's what I really understood. You'd think after 5 years here my German would be better.


I hope the Spanish Minister of Cucumbers is enjoying his moment in the spotlight. His job is unlikely to ever be this exciting again!

So did you eat the tomatoes after you posed them? I've found that the longer this whole scare goes on, the more willing I am to eat produce again (local stuff).


Here in Italy we have heard things on the news too and you are so right that often it's hard to understand the severity and ... even when it is your native language ... doesn't mean we will "get it" or know what to do. I really like the idea of talking to others and being as safe as possible. It is definitely scary to hear of these things - not because of the specific incident itself - but it makes me think about how fragile things are... how vulnerable we all are... that it could happen anywhere to anyone...eek! Freaking myself out now!


Tj, I understand German really well but the facts in the news are not really for sure at all and even as a german you get a lot confused!!!! So don't worry even if Germans understand, the reporting is still confusing so you don't really understand. You know what I mean?......I hope I could help you out a little.

Smiles, Anke ;)

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