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June 05, 2011


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German Gems

I love Edelweiss. Here's one vote to never, ever give up on them.
You need to send the orange ones to the orange crazed lady at


Fantastic prints TJ!!! Your always an inspiration for me :o)

PS> Love the crowd cheers...lol



Very cool, cozy! I'd like to get my paws on some of those for my house! Maybe its time to quit trying to sell your soul?


loved the video , loved the stamps you created, favourite black, i liked the gray as well, they look fabulous


Wow TJ, so much work went into this and it was definitely worth it, I love the final design. And that video is great, please make them more often :)


Great video! It is fun to hear and see the story behind something like an edelweiss stamp. (Shows everyone that art is real work.... :-) )

I am planning to make videoos from my artwork as well, what kind of software do you use?

michelle ward

FABULOUS video! Love the evolution. Love that you wouldn't let it go and kept at it just for the discovery. Love that each is so different. Love your humor. I'm impressed with your video skills. *high five*


I can't WAIT to see your work on Create Mixed Media TJ! In the meantime, I'll watch your videos during my lunch break at the office =-)


Great video! I love seeing into the evolution of your design, and I love your honesty at demonstrating the effort that went into it.


Congrats on the feature TJ! Thanks for the intro to that site too. :)


You guys are amazing -- thank you for all the lovely comments. *sniffs*

Ali, I didn't know what you were talking about until I remembered I put something about selling my soul on my "For Sale" page. Hmm. Hadn't realized anybody even ever looked at that. Funny!


Okay, I haven't watched the vid yet, but I couldn't wait to come here and yell, Are You Kidding?! Your Count Pretzula was a triumph!! People... Locos in los cabeza!

now, off to see the vid...


Okay now, I've seen the vid. Are you loca en la cabeza? The oranges and blues are COOL! Even the undetailed are nice! And then, when you pop in the black and details... that works great!

I have found that, in my journaling, I am learning to not be afraid to add more detail. I have often thought that something was groovy, and then... because I can do whatever I want in my journal, discovered that even more detail will rock my world.

But this isn't about you. Am I still talking?


p.s. I love this video. I'm sending it to my friend Emily. Without asking first.


Loved your Week as Art feature on Create Mixed Media. And this video was wonderful!!

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