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June 08, 2011


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Well, that book cover was nice but they should have used one of your pretzel designs, they're so much more fun.
Sorry I can help you with your questions, hope you get the answers soon :)


I was just getting ready to click over to the book cover when I saw you mention the word snake and I quickly changed my mind! No snakes for me!!

I like your pretzel ATCs.


I read that Carl Hiaasen book! It was okay, but not as good as Skinny Dip; that one was a riot!! I love ATCs, and have had occasion to trade them at a couple of rubber stamp shows, but I don't know what else to do with them. I've read some people's blogs who have done online swaps, but I haven't participated myself. Might be fun to check something like that out.


I dont know of any ATC groups or special ATC people :) I´ve traded ATCs on Facebook. One person organized it, I think we where about 50 people all together. (Another time 4 people.) She collected all the names and adresess, e-mailed all of us one person to swap with (like the postcard swap) So if you want to trade ATCs TJ, blog about it - invite people to a swap, organize it. I´m in :)

Ps. really glad I won your book!!!


TJ, I don't have info on getting published. But if you wanna swap ATCs with other artists, there is an ATC Swap Group in my Ning Community if you're interested. Pop over to my blog for the link to Coach Creative Space if you're interested. Look at groups and you can peruse the various swaps we do almost every season. I have received about 70 ATCs from around the world in my collection, and enjoy the Swaps immensely. Just an offer; no pressure. :-)

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