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May 27, 2011


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Wow I hope y'all leave comments, I feel totally exposed with this post!


I'm pretty sure I'd be prepping for this for weeks, heck, months. I've been trying to organize, which lasted for 2 weekends and as result means more boxes left in the middle of the room with crap to donate or sell. Ugh. Enough about me. You have a nice little nook - and I commend you for being so brave!


Thanks Rebecca, you're too kind!

And sorry everybody for the format problem. I'm irritated with the look, but I spent so many hours in Photoshop, I just don't have the heart or energy right now to go figure out why all the right edges are getting cut off...

Maybe the ants or spiders did this!


What a lovely feel your house has, I love it :)
I would need few weeks of cleaning and 'careful arranging' before taking any photos of my house to expose them to the internet world so I might skip this but glad to have brave people like you letting me take a peak into their home :D


Your house is fantastic! It's a real visual feast with the way you've decorated. I remember that I first "met" you when there was an online studio tour and I just loved your style. I esp. love the fact that your son has real stairs to climb on and has to learn that leaning too far out the window isn't a good idea. Here in the US, we've gone CRAZY with all the safety stuff. Kids are being raised in a plastic bubble and they are barely able to function.

I'm curious, what do you mean by "owning" the kitchen? Does that mean you tear everything out and move it with you?


Thanks for the great tour of your home! I can't believe the stairs you have to navigate to get around. I can imagine that's nerve wracking with a little kid in the house. Do you have a million child safety gates??

I love the art in your dining room, as well as your living room pillows. Your balcony view looks amazing; I hope you spend lots of time out there. The spiders would make me cringe!!!

I moved nine times in ten years, and have now been in my current home for six years. I was so afraid that I would freak out and need to move because I had not been in one place for so long since I was living with my parents. There are plenty of advantages to getting new places all the time--new opportunities for decorating, and an incentive to keep your belongings a LITTLE reduced. But there is lots to recommend staying put in one spot for a while, too!


Wow, thanks for sharing TJ. Love your textures and fancy joining you on that deck with a glass of wine! This looks like it belongs on a design blog the way you have done so much with photoshop - great job!


What an amazing house. I love your balcony, I bet you have amazing views. Love that coffee table!

michelle ward

TJ - love this tour! I can appreciate all the work it took to prepare this post. So fun to see where you reside and to hear the stories connected to this address. Love to hear that you recognize the value of documenting the places we live as the photos conjure up many memories. You will love having this to look back on someday - and as you pointed out, it is the first home your son has known. Bravo girl! Now print these and get them in your journal! THANK YOU for sharing this with the team, and all your readers. So very personal, it feels like we just had a real life visit 'round your table.


This was such a fun tour. And I got a good laugh over the Lokus sign and the "line of cocaine" in the bathroom! We, too, have a huge problem with ants so I completely understand.

There are so many wonderful touches of creativity in your home. It looks warm and welcoming.

Cath S

What a great tour TJ. Love the love on the kitchen wall! Not lovin' the giant spider though...
I'm fascinated by people owning their own kitchen even in a rental, but can't quite get my head round how that would work.
Thanks for sharing so much of your home life with us.


Thanks for the tour....can imagine how you feel....it's really brave!!!!
But your home is really inspiring, full of textures, colors and creative vibes, I guess it's kind of like publishing in an Style magazine!

Have a great weekend, smiles, Anke ;)


What a great tour! I love peeking into peoples homes, especially in other countries. So many oddities. It is why I love to watch house hunters international. I feel sory for any old folks there that live that sort of home with so many stairs. My knees won't even look. LOL


You gals are so terrific. Thank you for the beautiful and supportive comments!

Guilty confession: most of those images were taken right before a real estate agent was arriving to photograph the place.

Since then, I assure you it's returned to it's normal chaotic, messy, dusty & art supply strewn normality of our "real home!!" xx tj


That was a great tour TJ!Congratulations on being featured at Sonya Mac's website with it!!


So much to see here--textures and colors and levels of your house and heart! I love the montages you did with the details. And then there are the spiders--Yikes! It sounds like a lot of love is built into your space--and a lot of creativity.


Loved your tour! It is fun to see what an interior can reveal about the people living in it. Though I feel that might not look good on me, right now. I am living in such a shabby place... :-)

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