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May 25, 2011


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Happy Birthday Lars!

Haha, love this video. He sure can spell in both languages and he is super super cute, as are your Pippi Longstocking hair!

Glad that the accident didn't make him need amputation or anything, but instead made a (hoping lasting) impact on your need for perfectionism! ;-) Embrace the mess, that's what I say.



happy birthday lil' Spice :)


Happy birthday to your sweet boy Lars, he's so cute :)


Adorable! And you never let us know that you have a beautiful singing voice! Lucky Lars to be growing up bilingual.

ps When Elizabeth was little, the pediatrician told us she was "behind" because she didn't know patty-cake. Well, I didn't know that I was supposed to teach her that. She grew up and got a full scholarship to college so, I'm guessing patty-cake wasn't on the entrance exam!


Happy Birthday little Spice! Glad he's alright after the trip to the hospital. I absolutely loved watching the cute video of you guys. And that picture is just priceless... that's how we roll too.

All the best from one of your krautie fans (who'll be here to stay, no matter how often you post)... Much love & xo

Jodene Shaw

Love it! Awesome! Happy Birthday Lars! Be real! That is the beauty of it...embracing our real-ness, and loving life that way!


Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies! Anne you crack me up. Beautiful singing voice? Ask anyone who's taken a road trip with me... I would drive you crazy after 20 miles!!! LOL


I loved it, the picture of him and the video, kids are so smart, look he is bi-lingual and he is 4. Great post


Happy Birthday Lars!

Great video. Still shot of the Mommy kiss at the end made my day. So sweet!


I read this at 6 am this morning and was in tears even before I saw the video! I'll eat off your veggie tray anytime, girlfriend. Attaway to show Perfectionism who's boss.
Big Hugs (& one for Lars)


Happy birthday to your son! I know you said your video was mostly for family...I don't even know you and had a ball watching it! :-)


Happy Birthday Lars!

And now, (drumroll please), TJ is going to spell STUDIO MAILBOX in Spanish... :-)

My goodness, I could not write my name when I was 4 - leave alone, spell it!
You have a smart kid, TJ.

Have a great birthday!


What a great video! He's utterly adorable. And you're hair looks totally great. Hope he had a great birthday! 4 is a great age! Auf Deutsch or English! Orla tells everyone she meets that "Ich bin vier und four". If she wasn't so small they'd probably think she meant 8!


I miss visiting blogs!! Can't wait to catch up with this.

Congrats to Lars! He can almost get his driver's license!

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