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May 18, 2011


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I like this tree - it definitely has character! And your previous post on "photography on drugs" is HILARIOUS!!

BTW: your mail art arrived today - thank you!!! But you didn't include an address so I can send something back!! =-\


I love this line: "Imagine it's magnificence if it would've put all his effort into growing just one trunk. But then again, it probably wouldn't be very interesting." Fun photo!


I love the look of it photoshopped, I am just on the learning curve for that


Monica - glad the mail art arrived already! And fret not, it wasn't sent to you with any thoughts of getting something back. Just enjoy it!

Andria - thanks for stopping by and chirping in! I love this tree, I kind of relate to it on some strange level... LOL.

Lee - oh you'll have fun playing with PS filters. Such an easy way to make something crazy and fun. My favorite is the Sketch-Stamp filter. It strips all the color and shows you the basic lines! LOVE it..!!


I love the last photoshopped one. It looks like a painting by numbers. Love it!


Stopping by from Kat's postcard swap!


Hi TJ! That is for sure an interesting tree!!!! Lol, that's how I feel sometimes....which direction to go?????

Thanks for sharing this photos! I see you try to figure out digital editing, have fun!

Smiles, Anke ;)


Poor tree; I know just how it feels...
Photo #1 Rocks, imho.


...in my humble opinion

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