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May 16, 2011


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Lots of eye candy today! And such good success on your winnings. That black and white fabric for the yoga bag is fantastic and the vintage fabric bucket - so sweet.

That Jeep would draw admirers wherever it goes. Did you know that there is a huge Mercedes plant near here? So are you getting a German car or an American car? Or, in the case of the Mercedes - no car until my 11 year old truck quits working!


Seriously, the hubs is after a '73 or '74 Porsche. I'd rather have something the kids can fit into as well, even if the sound does make me go weak in the knees...

Someday, someday. For now, saving our pennies! Although it's not out of the question to do what your hubby did and buy a car in a box and slowly assemble it over the years!! Have you ever written about that?


I am the german hubby and I would marry that beautiful woman any time again. I LOVE her.

The in LOVE Husband Marcus


Holy crap! Look at Mr. Romantic in my comments! Poor guy thinks he's getting a Porsche someday so he wrote that.

In the meantime I realize what I've saved for his dream car will only buy two ball bearings. Please nobody tell him....!!


hahHAA! This is funny! Love that photo of you guys and the jeep.

I have learned so much on this post. I didn't know what any of this was!! And that certainly is a perfect-looking tripod case.


He would be a fool not to marry you again and he knows it, I know that he knows it, trust me :D
I can't believe how lucky you've been with all those winnings, what's your secret lucky lady? Come on, spill the beans, I want to know :D


ok now you need to come and buy a lottery ticket for me girl, you are pretty lucky, I love that scarf, first I didnt know what Stickl was but I think we call them something else. So do you know how to do it.


Ladies, I have no idea what's up with the lucky streak. But yesterday I put fuel in my car and it came to 88.88. I almost bought a lottery ticket right then and there. If it would've been all 7's I would've hopped the first flight to Vegas.

Lee I have no idea how to use that little tricky Stricki thing. My German friends assure me it's very easy. Perhaps I'll have to make a video of the learning process...

Gabriella The Stepford Wife

Looks like you had a wonderful time, some great pictures. Gabz

Kevyn Hagemann

Well the jeep is not just a robust, reliable all-terrain vehicle. It's also a symbol of American pride and military power. The jeep took the American war machine to the heart of Germany, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Aside from that, it's got a macho appeal that men all over the world love. It's a cult classic. You just can't help scream "USA! USA!" when you see one.

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