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May 11, 2011


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Okay, you've got me. Now I'm going to have to go look online to see photos of the hats from the wedding since I didn't see it. There was a podcast interview with a British quilter and she mentioned how Brits speak/leave comments in a cheeky manner to each other and take no offense at it.


Anne, it was difficult to explain to the Germans why the hell there were photos of the television on my camera of the wedding! It was for this very purpose...

And yes, once you get insulted by the English this is your first clue that they actually really like you. Jolly good fun!


Oh those are awesome!!!!!Thanks for sharing!!! And hooray to inspiration and wonderful crazy ideas!!!

Smiles from 'kind of around' the corner, Anke ;)


I like the fact he called your treasures "swamp findings". I think could turn that into a series. Plus it's much more dramatic and romantic to think of you searching through a swampy bog.


I've got to say it will be hard to top "swamp findings!" It was really in his delivery. Very very funny!


Are we Brits the only ones to wear fascinators? I am almost surprised that the rest of the world hasn't followed this wedding trend.

They've been around for quite a few years, and I almost thought we were getting a bit bored of them until this royal wedding where it turns out everyone decided to cut a dash by wearing them on their foreheads (which looked a bit mental). With Victoria Beckham being so 'fashion forward' I am surprised she didn't take it a bit further and wear hers right on her scowling face...


Fiona, I hate to break the news but yes. The rest of the world is fascinated with your head art. Thus the name! As for Vicky B, wasn't she one of those Spice-Head Sisters or something? I do see her in fashion mags in Germany. I forgot where she came from! Funny!!

There was one woman wearing a hat that was completely vertical on the right side and the left side had so many feathers, it looked like a dead bird. It was as if she couldn't decide between a hat and a fascinator so she just went with both! Was that Victoria??

Dang now I have to investigate! Thanks a lot...!!! LOL


OK just investigated. Victoria had the flight attendant look going on! And what was up with the twisted sticks pointing in both directions? And how did it stay on her head and defy gravity?

Now I'm wondering who was wearing the one I described above... there should really be a directory of this stuff.


That hat truly was stupid looking, but your hats in the sketchbook really rock! And I'm not taking a piss, I really mean it :)


I thought the hats were almost more interesting than the wedding! The one you have at the top of the post was the most unusual. I don't think I would have had the guts to wear it! I like all your sketches and the names of the hats.


I am at work so I'm going to have to print this and read later, but I just have to say those hats just made me laff and laff. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's said this. I can't believe the stuff they were wearing on their heads. The 'christmas ribbon candy' ping one almost made me spit out my trifle!


Funny post! You've adapted to the culture shock with grace and I like your take on 'fascinators'.

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