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May 31, 2011


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Dearest sweet Giesela, this book sounds really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on things with us! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


In my opinion the "working your butt off" bit is the key ingredient for any success in any profession if you really do want to be great at what you do. Reading up/taking classes/getting advice from a mentor etc then *applying* over and over again what you've learnt and what you've been taught is what all great masters have done before us and what we should try and spend our valuable time on. By spending more time on this we'll have less time to sulk and be jealous of success achieved by those who worked their butts off while we sat there thinking how much we want to be like them without actually taking any action.

Good post, definitely worth reminding ourselves of these simple facts that could help us so much in the long run, especially when the going gets tough and all we want is to just give up because it's too hard and it's taking too long to get to where we want to be.


Love! I'm going to hunt this book down if I don't win it- I'm feeling all these things and more. It comes in waves for me and us shocking once I realize it- but also is delightful that I'm starting to recognize what IT is and can actually work my way through! Homemade chocolate chip cookies are always helpful, too. ;0)


I'm with Rebecca on this; If I don't win the book I'll just have to buy it. It seems like a book that could teach me a thing or three.

Enjoying your blog,


I hope there's a chapter on 'Studio Envy'. That's the killer for me. I see photos of people's studios and I can almost hear myself chanting "I need that!" over and over. Even just to have a room to hide away from the kids so that I could concentrate. With loads of shelves and display space, and great light, and a fantastically big window, and a massive desk, and places to put all the things I love and squirrel away.


You've done it again TJ! Thank you for bringing up this important topic of Artist Envy!! And for bringing up the real truth that to be successful (in anything, as observed by Veronika) you really need to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!

I love your comment on the 'magic creative wand' that does seem to be prevalent on the internet - I think that is why I've started to interview people who are either trying to make a go of their artistry or who are not and to show that both choices are okay!

I'm going to see if this book is available at my local library - I can see from your highlights that it is practically REQUIRED READING for Artists ;)


even I dont win the book I too will buy it, keep up the good work


Sounds like an interesting book! I try really hard not to compare myself with other people as I read art books and art blogs, but, man, it's hard not to get envious of others' results when mine might not be quite living up to my hopes! But you are so right, if I'm not willing to "do the time" to learn the skill and craft of what I'm trying to do, then it's kind of silly for me to envy the results of the people who have! Thanks for an interesting post!

Trudy Honeycutt

Wow, what an interesting topic, to be viewed from several perspectives!! I'm thinking it's a great read!! Would love to win your copy, and then will pass on to another lucky person!! Thanks for your great post, and for the great offer to share the book with another!!


I get very sad when I find out that people are jellous of what I have, are or do - I think its such a stupid feeling that I don't want to evoke. :-(

Happy first of June TJ!


would love to read it!
thanks for the chance to win!


Love the title :) & amen to the "working our butts off" . I´d love to read your copy or my friend do...


I'd love to read your copy as well!

Kristin Hyde

Sounds like a great read...! :-)
I take my hat off to all you hard working artists!...You are to be admired!
What would our world be like without you/us all x


This would be so much fun to read! :-) I think that the one way to deal with 'artist jealousy' is just to accept that I am not a professional artist. Just dabbling in my own corner! :-)


I am of course entering! This looks fabulous!

Jenny Lee

Always food for thought to find here.
I'd be interested in checking this book out.
I might be interested in an ATC trade. :)

Jenny Lee


Sounds great book to read, although I am not good at reading books, I would like to hunt one. Thank you for the info. xm

German Gems

As usual, another thought provoking post that applies to many aspects of life. I will also investigate the book, even if I don't win.


OK ladies... the random number generator said "12" so it looks like Madde is the lucky winner! Thank you all so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Let's keep on creating...xxx tj

Tessa Souter

Wow! I just came across this while I was looking up images to use for my website re-design. THANK YOU for mentioning it. I also could not find a THING on professional jealousy when I was doing my research. It was even hard find people to fess up to it when I was asking around. It's kind of a dirty secret. But I'd like to share my post-book discovery ... if that squiggly sort of ache-y in the chest feeling hits you, try to focus on the physical feeling itself without naming it as anything. Miraculously the feeling goes away. This works for all kinds of unwelcome feelings (nerves, stage fright, anger ....), I discovered through doing a fascinating course with David Friedman. Check out his http://www.thethoughtexchange.com/ for more. As for my book, I wrote it in 2005 and ... ohmygoodnesswhatalongtimeagothatseemsnow! And still doing the two steps forward one step back dance ... but hopefully a few feet or two ahead of where I was then.

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