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April 11, 2011


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Ooo, very cool! I'm also inspired when I see wonderful graffiti art...talk about talent!


Great photos. Amazing graffiti.


Online I was just admiring this (http://www.gatukonst.se/2011/04/11/facebook-4-0/) and you know what? yesterday I took a walk and passed the little skate park place of my town first time ever! it's true, though I didn't have my camera with me. :-/


Oh, I used to love playing packman, thanks for the reminder :D
This week I'm up to work, work and some more work, but I've really recharged my batteries during the last weekend that was full of sunshine and good weather I kind of don't mind :)

Jenny Lee Wentworth

Fun, I remember the original Atari. I think I played a game called pitfall if memory serves. I'm playing with texture this week. Just finished a piece yesterdy with egg shells for added texture. Happy Week to you my friend!


Thnx gals! Hey Hanna that link is awesome!! The Swedes seem like very disciplined graffiti artists to make such precise quadrants -- super cool!

Hah Jenny, very clever working with eggshells... just in time for some fitting Easter artwork! Show us soon!!

Veronika, your return to work is bittersweet. I'm happy for you to get a new job but I'm selfishly sad not to see more drawing from you!! (Insert smile)...

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