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April 26, 2011


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Well done TJ, so glad you went through with this despite your worries.

Tattoo looks brilliant but aand just like you, I couldn't ever bring myself to have a real one so this is a perfect substitute :)


yay! glad it went well and the youngsters enjoyed making their paper bag journals

as for tattoos - I didn't have my full back piece done until I was 41 - so there's time for you yet ;)

(I did already have a few other smaller ones though....and even I would draw the line at a real tattoo on the neck :D)


Aaccckkkk . . . . I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that picture of you getting a tattoo on your neck! And then I read "air brush". Sigh of relief. And if you were going to get one, it would have to be a pretzel! But, I'm with your Dad . . . no permanent tattoos.

So glad that you had a good experience. It will be fun to go back and see if they went any further with their journals after you left.


That first day I got some serious looks! Some fearful, some respectful. Some in horror, others seemed in awe.

I think the neck is an awesome place for a tattoo! I saw a guy once who had one on his neck and it sort of crept up his jaw and side of the face. I could literally not stop staring! Awesomely brave with a splash of insanity...


I think you should go with a pretzel tattoo if anything ;o). Ha! I love that first pic- and that you would think it would help you fit in. We are very alike-I probably would have gone with a bright blue color hair extension! Glad it turned out a positive experience!


Glad your first experience was positive, and that you are planning to do it again...that's awesome! Looking forward to hearing about your other projects with them.

German Gems

Congratulations! Well done on all accounts.
Love the necklace.


I have had to make this same promise to my hubby. (though I have thought about getting one while he is deployed and seeing if her notices-or should I say how LONG IT TAKES HIM TO NOTICE!)


I knew you'd be great~
With the kids, not the tattoo thing...
:-) Love ya, girl

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