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April 24, 2011


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Hope you have a happy Easter TJ.
Hugs Lily


Awesome photos! I covet these little treasures.


Omgoodness! I love all of those bunnies! I bought my mom a little bunny band a few years back but they were outrageously expensive. We have nothing like those here. So cute!


Great bunny ornaments! I like the idea of an "Easter tree", just like a Christmas tree. I've seen a little bit of that over here, but it's not that common. Enjoy your week!

German Gems

That's some collection. Very cute. Have you ever made an Easter tree? I always say I will, but the ornaments mostly stay in the box and get admired. You at least got them out and took photos.


Psst: Guilty confession... those wooden ornaments stayed in a pile in a basket and never got properly displayed. A tree or a painted hanging branch are most certainly in order for next year!!!


What a beautiful collection. Love the way you've arranged them in a circle for the photograph.

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