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April 08, 2011


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michelle ward

TJ - great spread! Bravo for getting it done, regardless of the timing :) Love the detail shot (last photo) where you creatively "repair" the stamping....makes it way more interesting. Love how you added lines to follow the pattern and wrote within them. Love the stitching around the Edelweiss. And love the colors. Great tip to wrap pages in plastic. I use wax paper and eventually they get mucked up with paint and become excellent additions to a page. Thanks for sharing with the team....now keep at it and start the next one!

michelle ward

p.s two more things....i love the tags your show...I spy a perfume label...it's what I wear too! AND I only just realized the clever title of your Twist Defiant...duh, twist....like your pretzel thing. *smacks head*

Cath S

Loved this post so much I ended up tracking back through link after link, reading your old posts. Your sick note cracked me up. Would you write one for me too? Just in case I need it...


Thank you Michelle, oh how I miss wax paper! They only have brown baking paper here, it's not quite the same but maybe I'll try it anyway...

Cath - I love your blog. Wow I'm trying to be all cool that you're here visiting... thank you so much for telling me you read those links! They're a lot of work to weave into a post and something I think I'll quit doing it because I never knew if anybody read them. Dang you made my day girl!!


Glad you're feeling better and making pages again. what a cool book find that is, it will look extremely yummy when you've filled it up with "you". keep twisting crusader!

Lay Hoon

Cool !!
It is such inspiring.
Love the blue 'square' background.


I'm feeling sad that I didn't make it to Atlanta to see your Sketchbook : ( But, glad to see you back to your art. Hopefully, your family is all healthy and well again.

I love the yellow. It just kind of adds a little zest. I didn't know you don't have wax paper. I wonder why?


I love your style TJ!


TJ! I got one of your postcards in the swap! fab. And this is a really cool page. I recently posted a question to the group mind about how to surface journal pages so that my pens work correctly!

do you not love Anahata?

I'm going to try the plastic wrap thing. I use waxed paper to make texture.. why not plastic to protect? Pretty soon I'll be buying all supplies in the kitchen department....

Marie Z Johansen

Late? You're not really late - you just thought longer ! It's a great page and well done !


Great layout! Love the harlequin stencil!


I know what you mean. I realy don't like to stamp directly on my projects most of the time because of this. I do use a thick piece of fun foam under my cardstock. That helps alot. As for hand carved stamps, they never seem to come out perfectly. I asume that if you used a barren or stamp press it would turn out better. It's been 10 years and it is still on my list of things to aquire. I realy have been enjoying reading your blog. You are an addictive writer. I love that you include lots of links. I enjoy being able to see what you are talking about. I may well have to start doing that on my blog, but then again I am pretty lazy. LOL

Rosemary Griffin

Very neat idea, that looks like a complicated stamp to me, It would be neat to just save the book for portraits.

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