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April 30, 2011


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While I do feel an urgent need to have an iPhone (more or less because of the camera apps! Ha!), I am starting to get bored with the plethora of hipstamatic photos that I'm seeing online in other blogs and also on Facebook.

I think people in their 30's feel a lot of nostalgia for all the photos from their childhood, and love that high saturation, high brightness, and intensified hue replicated in their own shots. Younger folk just like 'retro' I guess.

I do adjust some, but not all of my shots (in Photoshop). Mostly the brightness, and a bit of cropping. But most of the time I like them au naturale. More realistic I think, and I can leave it to my aging memory to turn it into an idealised, Disney-fied walk through the woods.


Hmm... there seems to be something wrong in my comments! I was sure there was one in here from Anke I was about to answer and now it seems to have disappeared...

Thanks Fiona, you are so right about the nostalgia of it all. It's pretty sweet...


I must admit I do like these kind of tweaked photos, for me it's just a visual thing really, adding that additional layer just makes it more pleasing to the eye for me and it does add something 'extra' what could be just an ordinary 'subject'. Maybe I'll get bored of it soon too, I don't know, but I do know that I get bored very quickly looking through other people's 'ordinary' shots, mine are worst offenders! :D


There are some photo trends that I am getting REALLY sick of. One is that some people seem to think that just shooting everything with very narrow depth of field makes them a good photographer. It just gets SO BORING to see the same thing over and over and over again. I mean, really, a spoon with just the tip of it in focus is still just a spoon.

But, I do have to say I always wonder how my images look on other people's computers. That was the advantage to the darkroom. You could tell how your print was going to look pretty much anywhere.

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