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March 29, 2011


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Oh my, you're so hard on yourself sometimes TJ. if your artsy friends would judge you because you don't blog/update or whatever please send them to me and I will spank them for ya! ;-) though, then they aren't your friends anyway, so never mind. please rest and drink tea, eat a pretzel, and know I'm sending you good thoughts + lots of metta!


Oh TJ dont be so hard on yourself! I had the flu last month and it kicked my ass for a week! Rest up, take it easy...SLEEP. Get better soon.


Sending feel better vibes from Oregon!
Take it easy my friend. :)


Aww you guys are so good to me. I'm actually feeling much better, it's just that I'm one of those people that once I lose my momentum I really have a struggle to get rolling again. Today feels a bit more hopeful...!!


If only I could transport myself over there and bring you a nice, giant pretzel and a nice cup of tea I would do it right now, so sending you some virtual ones instead and sending you lots of hugs :)


Give yourself a bit more time to get over that flu. Get back to bed or the couch, make yourself comfortable with some books to browse, a notebook or paper to write ideas on and a treat. Relax and open the books. Browse and read, knowing that you are firing up your inspiration. Make notes of things you want to make.

Just stay on that couch!

Next week you will feel much, much better and you will be well enough to make art again. And we will enjoy your stories and pictures!

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