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March 27, 2011


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Get better soon, tj! That is the worst kind of sickness, but luckily it usually doesn't last too long. I sure hope your husband is home to be able to help out.


Thanks Anne, yeah I'm lucky it's the weekend actually. I'm normally so healthy I'm such a complete weenie when I'm under the weather...


Aw....sorry to hear your sick. I'd send you some chicken soup but the way I cook it would probably make you hurl even more! So all I'm sending is my sympathies and a ((hug))


Feel better soon!


Hey TJ, sister in pain... I've just gotten over it, yuck. Here you have a cup of Kamillentee and a cozy hot-water bottle! Get well soon!


hope your feeling better soon,


Hope you feel better soon! Have you trained your hubbie (and kid) yet, how to take care of you when you are ill? :-)

Let them spoil you!


Flu induced time warps suck. Hope you're feeling better already. Let yourself be pampered by the hub and get well soon! xoxo

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