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March 08, 2011


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And look carefully - what I like best is that it even has those pointy wires sticking up to keep the pigeons from landing and pooping on the pretzel.


I was thinking it was some kind of a yoga place where they expect you to twist your back into a pretzel shape!


You're right, this pretzel design is definitely influenced by Facebook, I wonder if anyone's started a "I love pretzels" Facebook fun page because I think someone should, it's about time.


Ah, I see the Facebook influence now! I've seen Backwerk here in Berlin and wondered what it was reminding me of. I could only come up with Greggs the Bakers (http://greggs.co.uk/) which has quite similar colouring.


Indeed: blue is yummy even in pretzel town!


LOL, I would go for the Pretzel blues - when you can't find new ones to add to your collection. :-)


Ahh I see..that's what those wires are for!! It's only taken me a year guys. Anyway, love the post..love the blog.
Reppin' the Berlin blogs.
p.s. pfft back werk gimme MnM back anyday:p


Oh yeah, pretzel spikes.
Remember #30:


This one is much more subtle with the bird deterrent...

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Facebook has a big impact in our life, every corner I hear about it. No one can live without posting and give like to anything. Thumbs up for pretzel :P

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