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March 04, 2011


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I think the freebies were great, I have not printed them off yet, because I forgot, I usually work on my laptop not printer, so I have to use the other computer to print it off, I think they are the right size. Dont be disappointed your blog is interesting, I like the little newsletters I get in the email, people will come keep the good work up


Thanks Lee, it means a lot!! I'm just trying to figure out if doing more would be worth my time or not. I thought everybody journaled! When I see people have freebies and they're just re-gifting already free Dover stuff I thought I could offer something original. Maybe it's a flop though. Who knows? Have a great creative weekend!! xxx

Charla Marion Pavlik

TJ...I just looked at it, popped up quickly and easily, I am out of ink, so I didn't print it up....you did awesome,......I had saved your studio mailbox emails so i could get to them later, what I think is interesting....and good for us to know....is that.....I have signed up for alot of blogs/e-course-newsletters just recently, but it is overload, I saw that one blog kept sending me reminders, last chance emails etc....which I was greatful for because I had totally forgotten about them because I have so many in my mailbox.........I guess what I am trying to say, is don't get discouraged that you didn't get alot of feedback immediately. I LOVE you and I didn't respond...lol.....I forgot about the free pdf......I am so behind on my emails and reading stuff......just keep sending it out, reminding people that it is there. I think that is GREAT....love the images..........thank you, you did NOT waste time.............charla


Okay I got some sideline emails on this. Thanks everybody.

Notes to self: next time no background - white only. Less arty, more "clip art" sheet looking...

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