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March 20, 2011


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You know you are my kindred spirit finding little treasures while out on your walk! And yes, be careful out there. Have you had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years?

So many great artists were inspired by God and created works that are treasured centuries later, so maybe it is a sign, esp. since you found it during Lent.


Girlfriend, if you and I were to go on a walk, we'd never get ANYWHERE...!! LOL

Good idea with the tetanus. Should probably get a booster!

Hope you're sewing up a storm, I'm about to get busy myself. I think you're right about the sign. It's totally weird for me. I'm not sure what to do next...

Lay Hoon

what a great treasure find.
thanks for the tips sharing.


Treasure findings, intriquing I have never found anything, ok maybe some money on the ground, never anything as cool as your stuff. I laughed when you thought you had messed with a grave, I would have thought the same thing


Hmm, I've never found anything interesting ever, so I might have to protest here! :D
Not sure what your treasures could be a sign of but they could definitely inspire some interesting art :)


i love finding stuff like this! i put things like this around the flowers in my garden ;o)

Frau Dietz

I have a feeling the pitchfork-wielding man is going to be visiting me in my dreams tonight... :S


Thanks for the comments gals!
Yes Lee - I don't know why I thought about a grave because I've never seen a headstone with this kind of figure on it. Yet my mind just went to the worst scenario!!

Veronika- how is it possible that you've NEVER found anything. Ever. That's unreal? We'll have to change this.

Rebecca- the garden is a good idea...! If I can learn to keep my plants alive, I may someday decorate them too..

Pitchfork man is definately after you Fr. Dietz. He was a great fella, but not exactly erotic dream material...!


Lovely post... would have loved going garbage hunting with you. Especially like the tiny liquor bottles.

The most recent find I made was a passport in the bushes. It had a "shopping-list" written in the visa section: buy booze, weed, papers, condoms and sweets. Oh and buy more booze." Brought it to the police who didn't laugh as much as I did.


Tari, oh my goodness, I forgot how funny you write! I miss our asynchronous conversations. I don't know how you manage to have such an interesting life...maybe it's just the attitude. Thanks for sharing; this one's as good as the cherry fairy.


Quanny, my scientific friend! Thanks for taking the time to comment, AND to use a word that I had to look up in the dictionary!!

I love that you always keep me on my toes...


Seems to me that the best stuff is brought ashore in Germany. By the time it enters Holland, we are just left with the garbage - the real garbage! :-)

The crazies from Twickers

Oh my god - I have to show this to 5 star Martin!!!


I just realized that my comments aren't being saved because I am not scrolling down to put the codes in. WHAT? This is good stuff I'm saying, here!

Well, anyway, the first time I commented here it was about how happy I am that you linked to this post from your hat post, because this is fabulous. I would like you to link from all your posts to your other posts so I can catch up with everything I missed when I didn't know you existed!

(Sign from God? I think maybe!)


Chris! Thank you so much for your comment. It's so much stinking work to link up and "work in" all those old posts and I never know if anybody ever goes and actually looks at any of it.

Then I think to myself if I was a new reader, I'd like the chance to get the info. So I make the effort.

You have no idea what it means to read this!! *Pumps fist in the air and clicks heels together...** Danke Danke Danke!!


WOW! You got some great junk! No such luck around here. Mostly broken beer bottles and rocks. Although I hvae picked up some odd rusty stuff. You never know what will come in handy to use in an art piece. Lovely story.

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