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March 01, 2011


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Happy Blog Birthday! I LOVE your CMYK canvas. It's beautiful! Here's to another successful blogging year!


Hurray! Your blog has grown so much just since I've known you and you deserve the readership. Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you.


Happy birthday to the blog!


Thanks so much ladies... yeah I was kinda choked up when I compiled this list last night. I hadn't realized how much went on in the last year!!


Oh my goodness, what a blogging year for you, so action packed! :) From the first time I came across your blog less than a year ago I haven't stopped coming over, I love your content, your art, your stories and I almost wish I came across your blog sooner. I'm coming up for my first ever blog birthday soon but in comparison with your 3 years of blogging mine is still just a small kid that needs to continue growing up :D


You know though Veronika, it's only the last year that I really made a couple strides. I think there's a huge learning curve to blogging, and Rome definitely didn't get built in a day! Your site is awesome, just keep cracking!!

Daisy Yellow

Congratulations on achieving three years of bloggie goodness + creativity!!!


Studio Mailbox and TJ - happy blogeburtstag!!! Love the link-back-wrapup, isn't it good to sometimes take that time to look back and let it all sink in?

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