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February 21, 2011


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I love, love, love that video, you should definitely make some more :)


I see a future for you doing video art installations about pretzel love at bakeries all over Germany!


your picture was great, I love the video I agree you should make more videos, you did a terrific job.

Heather Foust

Congrats to you for your feature. I am from PA so we are the capital of Pretzel. A lot of German Immigrants settled here. Land of PA Dutch. I have so much "Pretzel Love"

Julie Stenning

Love the video TJ

Your crazy Twickenham friend....

Love the video. Love the ginormo head too! Think you've gone past love and the pretzel is very definitely an obsession now. A lovely obsession...


My goodness, you are getting sooooo good at these videoos. A great way to share your art, ideas with that touch of TJ!

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