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February 09, 2011


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Kelly Thiel

Don't ya hate that?!?
Glad it's working again :)


Although it's always a relief when somebody gets something fixed for you quickly it's always so annoying when you realize that the fix was easy and you could have done it yourself, this happened to me more times than I care to remember, so you're not alone :D


Well, at least you know what to do in the future. We have had to replace our dishwasher 2x and our refrigerator once in the past few years. I think these new supposedly "energy efficient" appliances are a bunch of garbage. I wish I had kept our old appliances because even if they use more electricity, they would be way cheaper than repairs and replacing the new ones.


Ok I want to know did he keep a straight face when pressing the reset button


Personally I think German appliances are amazingly high quality, we are so lucky! And the repair people are equally good, but expensive.

Yes Lee, the guy was a super good sport. Even when two little children had plastic tools out inspecting his work...


oh what a bummer, but too funny how you write about it, you're being a good sport,too!


Hello, right back at you! I'm rather pleased to have now visited your blog. Your dishwasher looks the same as mine, so I figure I've just saved myself 63 future euros!!

Thanks for your lovely comment, may I be equally lovely back and mention how nice your artwork is? Would love to see more. I'm only just getting back into my artwork, but finding it hard to find the time to get as much done as I'd like.

Julie Stenning

Oh dear. Glad it is working now though.

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