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January 07, 2011


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I dare not venture out in my car when it's snowing, you are one brave girl. After ridiculously low temperatures here for few weeks we are finally back to proper English winter now - it's gray, it's raining and way above zero, just the way I like my winter, snow can go away and stay in continental Europe, we don't want it here! :D


Funny post, yet scary. My you are brave to drive in that! Wow the snow looks crazy over in Germany, that photo is beautiful- oh my. Jeez, we here in the NYC tri-state area are babies!


Welcome to the club! I have been dealing with those avalanches for years... still not used to the awful sound. Nowadays they remind me of the sound of earthquakes, right before everything starts shaking.

Needless to say, I'm quite happy with the big melt. Roof is clear... no more avalanches until the next load of snow.

And actually: yes, people get injured and die from falling ice from the roofs. My street is closed off every winter and the firebrigade shows up to remove the ice from all houses. Big circus-like event.

Stay warm and dry... xo


I know what you mean about snow, it snows like crazy here in canada, and we dont get any melt in my province till about march. On another note I have been on the autobon and I wasnt driving and I did not like it. So I would not drive on it, either.


imagine doing this trip, without a navigation system ;)

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