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January 01, 2011


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Happy New Year! You didn't say what shape you got in your melted lead. Hope it was a good one.


We never got around to actually melting it this year! Now it seems too late and a bit anti-climatic. Plus I'm paranoid about which bowl I should use. I'm wondering if I should still perform the ceremony...


I want to know what shape you've got :D


Yay, for lead melting. Had a good laugh reading this...

I did it this year too - along with my pregnant friend - and she and her man only managed to draw sperm-shaped things. Figures... I produced a something close to a submarine (no explanation given) and a mermaid (shape discussed and agreed by everybody), but the closest to that was "woman" which means "loads of sex"... (can live with that). I believe you're supposed to hang onto them during the year, otherwise bad luck...? I kept mine, just to be sure. ;)

We cracked up about the definitions:
bottle = beware of alcohol (are you serious... we need to emigrate asap)

And now I'm nosy what shape you got, too. :)

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