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January 14, 2011


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I can really relate to trying to keep up with making art along with time at the computer working on blog posts and other social media stuff. UGH! It's really hard. I'm still trying to find balance there.

As far as fears of someone stealing my work, I do think about that, but it doesn't consume me...at least for now.


Yep. Feel the same way- file mgr,artist, mom. And then the whole flickr thing too. But honestly, you have to think, right now is the best time to be an artist, to get your stuff out there and noticed EVERYWHERE!!! You are not alone :0)

Charla Marion Pavlik

I feel the same way too!!!!!!!!!!!..........Even with my childrens story, thinking if I send to a publisher, they will just change it up a bit and use one of their writers on staff and just make it easier on them to use someone they already have, etc....BUT....what I have learned over the years of fear....is that...it has kept me from moving forward.....and also......(especially after doing flying lessons) There are so many artist out there that have a similar style as me............and then I see artists that put it out there and are successful (meaning that they are able to pay bills with their art) I look at their art and think, if that was my art, I wouldn't have thought it was ready, I would have kept working on it, etc....(the perfectionist in me) but it also, frees me up, seeing artists like sabrina ward harrison and kelly rae, give me permission that it doesnt have to be perfect...in my eyes anyway...........you are AWESOME....come visit Texas soon!!!! LOL....charla

Jenny Lee Wentworth

I think we all feel that what if...Right there with ya my friend. :)


Wow, you do really beautiful work. I so wish I was creative in an artistic way but I can't even draw stick people. :-) Yeah, sometimes I get freaked out about what I put out there online. Love your comment about "marking" your photos like a wolf. LOL.

Julie Stenning

My routine is to create during the day at the weekend and then to sit in front of the t.v. in the evening and do my showing off blog.

I never worry about people copying my stuff. Most of what I do is based on ideas or patterns from legitimate sources such as books or you tube videos. I don't mind if people copy what I do.

You have got to a place where you have your definitive style. Generally, I can look at your work and know it is yours. People may get ideas by looking at your creations but they will never be able to mimic "TJ". I don't have a style of my own yet.


Ok, I'm going to be completely honest with you here...that somebody else can be copying my work has occurred to me and I can honestly say that the idea's never bothered me, only because I think that although a style can be very, very similar to somebody else's, what you create is the true original that can never really be recreated by anyone else. I don't know if I'm being naive here but I honestly couldn't stop sharing my work because of this, screw the guys who have no imagination of their own and can only copy somebody else's work, I get the thrill from creating something new by myself every time and there's no substitute for that, the guys who can only copy other's work are just people who have no imagination of their own :)
Btw - I've tagged you in my last post, I hope you can join in :)


I completely understand where you're coming from! Every time I upload any sort of photos of my work, I wonder whether I need to add a watermark as a safety precaution. Just found your blog, btw, and I'm quite enjoying it! You've got a great writing style!



Wow. I woke up totally overwhelmed and happy from your responses.

I'm not a freak!! My peeps say so!!

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to respond, and hope y'all have a very happy and creative weekend...


Haa I love this post! You made me giggle :) My friend...your book looks so beautiful! I love the sewn cover and your German theme is absolutely wonderful ♥


I know what you mean in terms of never catching up. I think that's just life and we have to learn to let go and enjoy just going forward and going with the flow perhaps? Definitely something I have to learn! And I don't think it silly to worry about theft of art and photos... it happens so much online - especially - because it's easier! Of course, stealers and copycats will never have the satisfaction of truth and being proud of their work...


I do mind the pictures of my photographs. The pictures of my artwork are always less than perfect...

It is great idea to stamp your name AND blogaddress on any picture that you upload to Flickr. Just great advertising when somebody else put these great images in their blog.

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