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January 31, 2011


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Great job to dig out all your "evidence" from that box! Good that you got started with sewing again. I think i will make a box or maybe a book a la Hanna for nrxt year - so many things we just through away... Great to hear from you - wish you a good start of feb 2011 - a crafty feb , ready for the next crusade??


Thank you Lena, yes I'm ready for February!! You too? Not that there's any shame in being the last Crusader, but it's starting to become a habit with me...! Maybe I'll try busting right out of the starting line this month...!


It sounds like this was a very freeing exercise for you, and I love your pictures. Looking forward to the next one!

michelle ward

I LOVE that you tampered with your own evidence - hardly criminal, except in the minds of us hoarders. You are a clever girl. This is an awesome journal - fun to hear that you gained inspiration from fellow crusaders, and tried something new too - starting from scratch with your scraps and treasured clippings. Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with the team!!

Lay Hoon

Such a wonderful evidence you have had during this Christmas.
There are beautiful when you put all of them together.


wow what a great job you should be proud of yourself....


Pretty pretty, and well done! I am glad I've inspired you. I think sewing into paper is awesome fun and I could do it all day. I hope you get addicted too! :-)

Take care!


what is this Crusader business? From the looks of these images and your links it sounds fun! - jeez I have so much hoarding myself. Now my friend you must teach me how to sew with paper! It sounds fabulous...lets talk ♥


Great crusade, love the idea of stitching it all together.

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