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January 19, 2011


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Am I nerd to be my own 1st commenter?

Can I just say that instead of realizing that the answer might be to rest my eyes and get off the 'puter a bit, my first thoughts went to places like, "Now I have a reason to get the iPad" and "My eyes have clearly outgrown my small laptop screen."

Tragic and sad eh?


That's funny! I was thinking maybe you just need a 24 or 27 inch Apple Cinema Display to hook up to your MacBook. But an iPad sounds like a good option, too - all in the name of health!


I've always adore glasses eventho i don't need them. I picked one up just for fashion. lol COngratz on having a good pair of eyes. :) I adore this post so much ~ it's so adrable and it made me laugh. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Sonya McCllough

bout to get my eyes checked in a few weeks ... here in the states Value Vision collects old frames to donate!

Jacqueline (iPhoneless and Ipadless)

I have a pair of cheap reading glasses in every room of the house - in every corner where I sit and might (need to) read something! They are crummy glasses - the Germans won't think that they are fashionable. But I see better with these little things than the full multi focal glasses from the optician! Go figure that one out.

Personally, I think you have found the excellent reason for getting yourself an iPad. Though you might look a bit spoilt... with a iPhone, with MacBook... :-)


Thanks you guys, this is so funny!
And yes I'm totally spoiled, although I have never had iPad fever. I hate the idea of all those fingerprints.

Maybe I should get a Kindle -- I really only want it for e-book reading.

Then again you can't check emails or play Scrabble on a Kindle...

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