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December 22, 2010


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Hear hear! You are totally echoing my feelings. It's not about being positive, because if you ignore their behaviour or switch off to it, you have become one of them. I am constantly angered, disappointed and saddened by rude behaviour here. But I am also cheered to know I am not insane and you feel the same, foxy Christmas grinch!
OK promise to be more upbeat too from here on out. Merry Christmas! xoxo


I spent 3 months working in Germany back in 2000 and after living among English people for so long I was really surprised at some of the behavior displayed by Germans in public places, I won't even mention the queues (or the lack off). I did find that really strange because I hold Germans in really high regard and have a lot of respect for them in general, but maybe living amongst uber polite and well mannered English people has changed my perspective on what's acceptable behavior in public and what's not.


Part of me is cringing that I've posted this. I love my German friends so much and I never want to hurt them by criticizing their culture. I've been teased that I need to simply "grow some Franconian elbows!" The holidays are a wonderful time but they are also a time of stress, pressure and chaos everywhere. It's just that for whatever reason there seems to be an added dose of pushing here...


We went to Rothenburg when we were in Germany and one time was more than enough and it wasn't even during the Christmas market. It was busload after busload of tourists piling into stores to buy things like dishtowels made in China that you could find at Walmart. It sounds like it is just the packed crowds where you could hardly breath that got to you. Good reason to stay home and craft!


I totally get you. Me (despite having the genes and not having to deal with going through the ordeal with a stroller), don't like them either. Too crowded, smelly, pushy, step-on-my-toes and poke-my-eye. And there's no way I can "just be positive" about it. Well, a couple of glasses of Glühwein do help a wee bit... ;)

Can't wait to see the result of the sewing-mission... xo

Sylvia Drown (Baxter's Mom)

OMG, I can't believe I just found you! I love your Blog and love your work! I lived in Germany many years ago, in Bad Windsheim and Ansbach...and reading through blog has brought back so many memories...Thank You!!!


Ok I don't feel bad at all anymore. Today my hubby was holding a door open for a woman pushing a stroller AND had a baby in a sling on her front. Two pushy German women interrupted the kind act preventing the mother from entering the store. Then when my husband mentioned that it would've been nice if they could wait for the mother, the one wacko started ARGUING with him and said, "There's enough room for everybody here."

And it was like, "yeah but YOU first right?"

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