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December 07, 2010


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The little Playmobil set is cute! I love having the tree and decorations up for a long time, so setting it up on Dec. 24 would be kind of sad for me, but then again, I also play Christmas songs all during Advent instead of waiting until Christmas. They are just so much more festive than Advent songs!


Damn, I've missed him completely which is why I guess there was no chocolates in my shoe this week, I better make sure I don't miss Santa as well! :D


Three guys that know if I'm naughty or nice, hehe, better get to it! Love the angel girl - so cute, and thanks for the info on the etymology of the words.

1st. lady of kleinochsenfurt

Danke Tari! Ich bin dir so dankbar, dass du der Welt den Unterschied so schön erklärt hast. Hoffentlich lesen es gaaaaanz viele! Tausend Dank! Liebe vorweihnachtliche Grüße, Silke (die Verfechterin des "echten" Nikolaus` und des Christkinds)


They did not explain to you that St. Nicholaas is the bishop from Myra (several centuries ago) who became a saint because he gave gifts to children??? Here in the Netherlands we also have 'Zwarte Pieten' or Black Peters as his helpers. These are based on the Moorish people with dark skin who were appearantly helping the good old saint out.
But we celebrate Sinterklaas on the evening of the 5th of december. On 6 december the bisshop leaves again to Madrid, Spain where he spend the rest of the year.

AFAIK, Santa is the friendly and less respected version of Sinterklaas (sint = saint), brought to the US by immigrants from Europe.
But, just in case you forgot: 25 december is the birth of Christ that is celebrated. :-)

No idea how the Germans came up with an angel girl as Christkind! Kind means Child, so I would assume that it is baby Jesus...
LOL - more confusion now!

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